Instrumentation Development and Deployment

Group Leader: John Orlando

Focus 4: Development of an advanced observations capability.

Observational data are the foundation upon which our knowledge of atmospheric composition, trends and processes are based. These data also provide the drivers for continued improvement and development of Earth system models. ACOM has a long heritage of making high quality measurements of atmospheric composition, in collaboration with members of the wider atmospheric chemistry community. Measurements are made in situ from aircraft or at ground sites, or via remote sensing techniques involving satellite- and ground-based instrumentation.  The primary focus of the cross-cutting group on instrumentation development will be on evolving our in situ capabilities.  This development will be guided in part by the ACOM advisory panel on instrumentation consisting of a group of respected community observational scientists.

For more information, plrease see ACOM observational capabilities. This page contains links to individual groups involved in this research, to past and upcoming campaigns that ACOM has taken (or will take) part in, and to the procedures involved in requesting ACOM participation in proposed field campaigns.


  • TOGA
  • Chamber Studies
  • HARP
  • PAN Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (CIMS)


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