Science Activities

ACCLIP Science Team Meeting (November 14-17, 2022) UCAR Center Green

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ACCLIP In-Field Science Team Meetings (Osan AFB, ROK)

Click for in-field Science Team Meeting #1 (August 8, 2022)

Click for in-field Science Team Meeting #3 (August 28, 2022)


Second ACCLIP Science Team Meeting (January 10-13, 2022; Virtual)

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ACCLIP Meeting in Seoul (October 15, 2021)

  • ACCLIP Short Overview Presentation (PDF slides
  • GV Data for Korean Air Quality Research (PDF slides)
  • Korean Ozonesonde Observation Overview by Joowan Kim (PDF slides)


Quadrennial Ozone Symposium (October 5, 2021)


Virtual Booth at UCAR Member's Meeting (October 5-6, 2021)


ACCLIP Science Presentations at AMS101 (January 2021)

  • Laura Pan on January 11: "The Asian Summer Monsoon Chemical and Climate Impact Project (ACCLIP): An Updated Overview (Invited Presentation)" (download MP4)
  • Qing Liang on January 11: "The Impact of the Asian Summer Monsoon and Typhoons on UT/LS Chemical Composition: Implications from ACCLIP Dry-Run Efforts Using the Chemistry Models and Satellite Measurements (Invited Presentation)" (download PPTX with narration, then Slide Show -> From Beginning)


First ACCLIP Science Team Meeting (February 2020 at NCAR)


Presentations of ACCLIP at the DCOTSS science team meeting (October 2019)


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