Second ACCLIP Science Team Meeting (January 10-13, 2022; Virtual)

View the agenda for the second ACCLIP Science Team Meeting


Session 1 - Openings by Program Managers and Directors

Ken Jucks (NASA)
Sylvia Edgerton (NSF)
Everette Joseph / Scott McIntosh (NCAR)
Pieternel Levelt (NCAR/ACOM)
Brigette Baeuerle (NCAR/EOL)
David Fahey (NOAA)
James Campbell (NRL)


Session 2 - Overviews

Laura Pan / Paul Newman: ACCLIP Introduction
Jhony Zavaleta / Pavel Romashkin / Peter Layshock: ACCLIP Logistics


Session 3 - ACCLIP 2021, Instrument Updates, Other

Troy Thornberry / Paul Newman: WB-57f August 2021 flights
Benjamin Clouser: A Comparison of In-Situ Water Isotopologue Measurements in the Asian and North American Monsoons
Ed Nowottnick: Updates from the ROSCOE Instrument
Gordon Novak: Measurement and Model Evaluation of N2O5 Heterogeneous Chemistry in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere from ATom


Session 4 - Modeling and Satellite


Session 5 - International Team: Observations and Analysis

Sunran Lee: In situ greenhouse gas measurement from aircraft over South Korea


Session 6 - Logistics Follow-up, Data Management, and Q&A

Elliot Atlas / Glenn Wolfe: Data protocol
Jhony Zavaleta / Pavel Romashkin / Peter Layshock: Logistics and aircraft



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