Community-Requestable Instrumentation

In collaboration with NCAR EOL, ACOM scientists make available to the community a group of requestable instruments, given in the table below.  Procedures for proposing field campaigns (aircraft- or ground-based), in which these instruments can be requested for deployment, are outlined on the EOL website Request Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities.

HAIS-supported and OFAP requestable (GV and C-130):

Instrument Measurement For more information,

contact PI listed
HIAPER Airborne Radiation Package (HARP) Spectrally resolved actinic flux and irradiance. Sam Hall,
Trace Organic Gas Analyzer (TOGA) Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Eric Apel,

Picarro WS-CRDS

Carbon Monoxide, N2O, H2O

CO2, CO, CH4, H2O

Teresa Campos,
Chemiluminescence Instrumentation Fast O3 Instrument;

Two Channel NO and NO2
Alessandro Franchin,


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