Forecasts and Near Real Time (NRT) Products

Daily chemical forecasts are now being provided with the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) configuration of CESM2. 10-day forecasts are being run, driven by NASA/GMAO GEOS-5 meteorological forecasts. Fire emissions are updated daily with near-real-time  FINNv1 emissions and used for the following 10-day forecast. Anthropogenic emissions are from the CMIP6 inventory. The chemistry scheme is the MOZART TSMLT1 chemical mechanism with MAM4 aerosols (see Liu et al. (GMD, 2015)).

For questions regarding the ACOM forecast tools or data files please consider subscribing and posting to the ACOM Forecast Users Discussion list.

We have provided a variety of tools for visualizing our data products:

Pre-made Forecast Maps

WACCM Pre-made Plots Thumbnail

Custom Forecast Plots

WACCM Custom Plots Thumbnail

WACCM Chemical Map

Interactive Chemical Map Thumbnail

MOPITT in Worldview (NRT)

WACCM Data Subsetter Thumbnail

FINN Fire Emissions (NRT)

Fire Emissions (FINN) Thumbnail

We have also made our data products available for download in a variety of ways:

WACCM Data Subsetter and Download

WACCM Data Subsetter Thumbnail

Cam-chem Data Subsetter and Download

Fire Emissions (FINN) Thumbnail




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