Post-Doctoral Program

ACOM Specifically Advertised Positions

Post-doc positions are advertised on the NCAR job site when available. The specific qualifications are listed on the job application.

NCAR Post-doc Program

The postdoctoral program is administered by the Advanced Study Program. It provides an opportunity for recent-Ph.D. scientists to continue to pursue their research interests in atmospheric and related science. The program also invites postdoctoral physicists, chemists, applied mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, and specialists from related disciplines such as biology, geology, science education, economics, and geography, to apply their training to research in the atmospheric sciences.

The primary goal is to develop the careers of recent Ph.D. graduates. It also encourages independence and creativity while providing an environment in which post-docs interact with and receive advice from experienced scientists. Post-docs develop research projects in collaboration with NCAR scientists, but all are expected to choose their own research directions and are responsible for the design and conduct of their own projects.

Post-docs have direct access to supercomputers and other research facilities. Special needs need to be arranged in advance.


Please refer to the web site of the Advanced Study Program. Scientists with more experience should apply as visiting scientist. We encourage applications from women and minorities. There are no restrictions for foreign applicants.

ACOM Post-doctoral Scholars by Fiscal Year

Year Post-docs
2021 Osinachi Ajoku, Duseong Jo, Ren Smith, Wenfu Tang, Xinyue Wang
2020 Osinachi Ajoku, Olivia Clifton, Duseong Jo, Ren Smith, Wenfu Tang, Xinyue Wang
2019 Elizabeth Asher, Olivia Clifton, Peter Hitchcock, Forrest Lacey, Camille Mouchel-Vallon, Richard Newton, Becky Schwantes, Ren Smith, Siyuan Wang
2018 Elizabeth Asher, Peter Hitchcock, Joowan Kim, Forrest Lacey, Sojin Lee, Camille Mouchel-Vallon, Richard Newton, Young-Hee Ryu, Becky Schwantes, Siyuan Wang
2017 Marta Abalos, Elizabeth Asher, Alvaro de la Camara, Peter Hitchcock, Lisa Kaser, Zhe Jiang, Joowan Kim, Sojin Lee, Camille Mouchel-Vallon, Young-Hee Ryu, Becky Schwantes
2016 Marta Abalos, Scott Archer-Nicholls, Rebecca Buchholz, Alvaro de la Camara, Benjamin Gaubert, Lisa Kaser, Joowan Kim, Young-Hee Ryu, Pablo Saide
2015 Scott Archer-Nicholls, Rebecca Buchholz, Benjamin Gaubert, Lisa Kaser, Joowan Kim, Rajesh Kumar, Pablo Saide
2014 Jerome Barre, Benjamin Gaubert, Cameron Homeyer, Lisa Kaser, Joowan Kim, Rajesh Kumar, Ryan Neely, Jeong-Hoo Park, Pablo Saide
2013 Jerome Barre, Anne Boynard, Cameron Homeyer, Lisa Kaser, Rajesh Kumar, Ryan Neely, Jeong-Hoo Park
2012 Anne Boynard, Natalia Calvo Fernandez, Cameron Homeyer, Marielle Saunois, Catherine Wespes, Jun Zhao
2011 Anne Boynard, Charles Bardeen, Natalia Calvo Fernandez, Jia Hu, Marielle Saunois, Jeff Taylor, Catherine Wespes, Paul Winkler, Jun Zhao
2010 Charles Bardeen, Rebecca Batchelor, Anne Boynard, Natalia Calvo Fernandez, Saewung Kim, Jasper Kok, Marielle Saunois, Jeff Taylor, Catherine Wespes, Paul Winkler, Jun Zhao
2009 Charles Bardeen, Saewung Kim, Luciana Rizzo, Jeff Taylor, Paul Winkler, Jun Zhao
2008 Kelley Barsanti, Saewung Kim, Luciana Rizzo, Simone Tilmes, Jun Zhao
2007 Rebecca Anderson, Kelley Barsanti, Christelle Barthe, Alma Hodzic, Saewung Kim, Jeff Rathbone, Luciana Rizzo, Simone Tilmes



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