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Asian Monsoon Lofts Ozone-Depleting Substances to Stratosphere

Powerful monsoon winds, strengthened by a warming climate, are lofting unexpectedly large quantities of ozone-depleting substances high into the atmosphere over East Asia, new research shows. 

ACOM Scientists with GIII Plane

NSF NCAR Scientists Participate in Mission to Measure Air Quality Over Asia

NASA-led ASIA-AQ campaign will help verify and interpret new satellite observations

Pieternel Levelt - NSF NCAR Explorer Series - Air Quality in Space

Air Quality from Space

Did you know that satellites in space can track air pollution and greenhouse gases on Earth? For the past two centuries, human activity has changed the chemical makeup of our atmosphere, leading scientists to rename this period the ‘anthropogenic epoch’. 


OMI-TROPOMI-Workshop01-June3-6-2024.JPG 2024 OMI-TROPOMI Workshop
The OMI-TROPOMI workshop held from June 3 - 6 at the NCAR ACOM Foothills laboratory was very successful.