Image of sunlight scattered by cosmic dust, courtesy of ESO/Y. Beletky

A scientific paper by Chester Gardner, Alan Liu, ACD Scientist Dan Marsh, Wuhu Feng, and J. M. C. Plane has been selected by the American Geophysical Union as an "AGU Research Spotlight." Inferring the global cosmic dust in flux... Read more

Gabi Pfister discusses ozone with CCTV and Hendrik Sybrandy

Hendrik Sybrandy of CCTV reports with Gabriele Pfister on the recent ACD FRAPPÉ study funded by the U.S. state of Colorado. FRAPPÉ embarks on a new study of ozone. The pollutant, a key component of smog,... Read more

Frank Flocke of ACD with Marty Coniglio of 9News

Marty Coniglio chats with ACD's Frank Flocke about the NCAR planes testing ozone pollution (July 25). The news video is 5 minutes long and includes interior shots of the instrumentation used aboard the research... Read more

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