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Earth and Physical Sciences building - University of California at Davis. Wikimedia Commons,_Davis_-_DSC03316.JPG

Several ACOM staff are at University of California-Davis during December 5-7 to attend the Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference 2018 including Louisa Emmons, Sasha Madronich, Camille Mouchel-Vallon, John Orlando, Becky Schwantes and Geoff Tyndall. Sasha is serving on the ACM... Read more

Chumash Engine 802 firefighter cooling the edge du, by Kari Greer, US Forest Service. interviewed ACOM Deputy Director Gabriele Pfister on the topic of wildfires and air quality. “We’re right in the middle of climate change,” Gabi remarked, referring to the increased frequency of record-breaking heat... Read more

The June 12, 1991 eruption column from Mount Pinatubo taken from the east side of Clark Air Base. U.S. Geological Survey Photograph taken on June 12, 1991, 08:51 hours, by Dave Harlow.

Scientific American reported on ACOM scientist Simone Tilmes' experiments with geoengineering. The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in June 1991 demonstrated that sulfur aerosols have a cooling effect by shading the earth's surface. The... Read more


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