Denver Downtown view from Red Rock Amphitheatre, by Mitul0520 at Wikimedia Commons:

Three months of less driving won’t fix Colorado’s air quality woes. ACOM scientist Frank Flocke knew air pollution was increasing at the end of May [2020] just by listening. He could hear... Read more

 Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

“We have seen a decrease in air pollution on short time frames,” says atmospheric scientist Helen Worden of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.  In one unpublished result since the... Read more

ACOM Deputy Director Gabi Pfister spoke with Jamie Yuccas about blue skies and clean air in Los Angeles during the coronavirus lockdown. If all passenger cars were to be taken off the road,... Read more

View from Te Atatu Road motorway overbridge, during COVID-19 lockdown in Auckland, New Zealand. Image by Megan Harvey at Wikimedia Commons:

The COVID-19 health crisis is obviously a terrible situation, with more than 34,000 deaths worldwide as of March 30, 2020. And experts say that the real impact to climate change is what we take... Read more

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