BBC CrowdScience: What’s the weirdest weather? February 28, 2020

NCAR/ACOM scientist Rebecca Buchholz contributed to a broadcast discussion of how wildfires affect weather and climate. The Carr Fire in Northern California during July-August 2018 reduced air quality across the western United States.... Read more

The discovery of a new sulfur molecule during the third leg of NASA ATom mission in 2017 raises many questions about our understanding of the marine sulfur cycle, which influences oceanic cloud formation. The left side of the diagram shows two primary reaction products of DMS, SO2 and MSA, and the newly discovered molecule, HPMTF. On the right, new research suggests that on average 30 percent of DMS becomes HPMTF. Image credit: Patrick Veres/NOAA.

The discovery of a novel sulfur compound during a 2017 NASA airborne research campaign will likely spur a scientific reassessment of a fundamental marine chemical cycle which drives the formation of oceanic clouds that... Read more

Catastrophic fire warning day_0069nfx, 12 November 2019, 16:53, photo by Rob Russell from Gosford, NSW, Australia at Wikimedia Commons.

ACOM Project Scientist Rebecca Buchholz talks with Connecticut Public Radio about how climate change is shaping wildfire patterns around the globe. Are severe natural disasters becoming the “new normal”? Walter Jetz, Professor of... Read more

San Francisco at Sunset.jpg, by Digon3 at Wikimedia Commons.

26 scientists from ACOM will present talks and posters at the 2019 meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, California, December 9-13. For more details about the conference program, please... Read more

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