Scientists on a NASA-flown DC-8 were able to photograph and view this wildfire-produced thunderstorm. Layers of smoke in the atmosphere near the thunderstorm make the sun appear orange. (Photo courtesy of David Peterson, Naval Research Laboratory)

The phenomenon, called a pyrocumulonimbus or PyroCb, “is essentially a thunderstorm that is created or driven by a wildfire,” said David Peterson (Naval Research Laboratory).  “As we fly into this deep smoke, the light... Read more

View of Denver skyline from south Table Mountain (STM). 28 September 2012. Wikimedia Commons:

Sparked by a listener question, CPR Colorado Matters interviewed ACOM Scientist Gabriele Pfister about the transport of ozone pollution from the Colorado Front Range to the mountains. Pfister has been tracking the movement... Read more

Xuan Zhang and students in MOONLIGHT chamber study.

ACOM scientist Xuan Zhang recently led a major community project in the NCAR Atmospheric Simulation Chamber. The study called MOONLIGHT (Monoterpene and Oxygenated aromatics Oxidation at Night and under LIGHTs) lasted about... Read more

Tucson, Arizona, with the Santa Catalina Mountains in the background. Wikimedia Commons: reported on the correlation between rising temperatures and higher ozone levels in Arizona and interviewed ACOM scientist Gabi Pfister on her 2014 study on expected changes in air quality in... Read more

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