Wildfire smoke over the central United States on September 13, 2020. Photo by Carl Drews.

ACOM scientists Rebecca Hornbrook and Rebecca Buchholz contributed to a Wired article about wildfire smoke:

What are you breathing, exactly, when West Coast forests combust and waft smoke near and far?... Read more

Janyl Madykova 2020, Figure 1.

Janyl Madykova is from Kyrgyzstan and came to the USA in 2018 as a Fulbright Scholar. In summer 2020 she virtually visited NCAR under a Muskie Internship Program collaborating with ACOM on exploring air... Read more

Sunset from Lafayette, Colorado, on August 14, 2020. Photo by Carl Drews.

Smoke from several wildfires has been hazing up the Front Range, along with the usual summer ozone. ACOM Scientist Gabriele Pfister studies air quality for the National Center for Atmospheric Research and says... Read more

Denver Downtown view from Red Rock Amphitheatre, by Mitul0520 at Wikimedia Commons:

Three months of less driving won’t fix Colorado’s air quality woes. ACOM scientist Frank Flocke knew air pollution was increasing at the end of May [2020] just by listening. He could hear... Read more




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