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About OpenSky

The NCAR Library develops and manages OpenSky, an open access repository of scholarly works published by scientists, researchers and other staff at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). The OpenSky repository implements UCAR's Public Access Policy, which supports an open exchange of data and information derived from our research. OpenSky includes peer-reviewed journal papers, technical notes, posters, and presentations that have a formal publication date. The scope of OpenSky does not include "Early View" articles.

ACOM Papers of the Month

For each month we highlight a publication of the month by an ACOM author. You may search OpenSky for a list of all recent ACOM publications.

For Staff

See manuscript guidelines and tracking on ACOM Sundog. Then request approval to submit a manuscript (requires login).

Report a completed publication for deposit into OpenSky (requires login). Publication & Information Dissemination Procedures are governed by UCAR Policy 3-5 (August 2019).

The NCAR Library maintains a directory of Open Access journals that are specific to UCAR areas of research and education.

Web of Science

Go to the NCAR Library page. Under Popular Resources, click on the Web of Science link and authenticate.

Papers Behind Paywalls

The NCAR Library has an agreement with CU-Boulder that provides us access to certain peer-reviewed journals. To retrieve the full text of a scientific paper, there are two methods:

A. Install the NCAR Library Proxy:

  1. Follow the instructions for the NCAR Library Proxy Bookmarklet.
  2. The installed bookmark should look like this in Firefox:


NCAR Library Proxy Bookmarklet



B. Search from the NCAR Library web site as follows:

  1. Go to the NCAR Library web site:
  2. Select service: Google Scholar.
  3. Enter search phrase (keywords / publication title) and Search.
  4. Log into the UCAR domain if you are prompted.
  5. Get it @ NCAR Library.
  6. UCAR staff may have access to the full text.

Please contact the NCAR Library for in-person assistance in retrieving journal articles, e-books, and other scientific publications.


Please direct questions/comments about this page to:

Carl Drews

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