ACOM Administrative Team

Our Team

The ACOM Administrative Team provides budget, planning, and other specialized support services to the division.  Local support is provided to the Sections with central support handling divisional administrative activities.  The team ensures compliance with rules and regulations for all administrative functions.

Administrative Contacts

Emily Doremire: Laboratory Administrator [email]
Barb Tunison: Budget Analyst, Proposals and Post-Award Administration [email]
Debbie Ryan: Budget Analyst, Proposals and Property Administration, Complex Purchasing Support, Export Compliance Coordinator (ECC) [email]
Shaun Bush: Administrator , Visitor Lead, Director Support, Export Compliance Coordinator (ECC) [email]
Sherie Palmer: Administrative Assistant, Travel Lead. [email]

Section Contacts

Chemical Climate

Bill Randel: Section Head [email]

Chemical Weather

Gabriele Pfister: Section Head [email]

General Scientific Inquiries

Pieternel Levelt: ACOM Director [email]
Helen Worden: ACOM Deputy Director [email]



Please direct questions/comments about this page to:

Emily Doremire

Gabriele Pfister



Pieternel Levelt