Field Campaign Design & Support

We provide support for ground-based and airborne field experiments with satellite observations and chemical model simulations. During aircraft field campaigns, such as MIRAGE-Mex, INTEX-B and ARCTAS, we provided chemical forecasts used in flight planning from the assimilation of MOPITT CO and MODIS AOD in the global chemical transport models, MOZART-4 and CAM-Chem. During the analysis phase of these experiments, we use hindcast model simulations to assist in the interpretation of observations.


In support of the NSF/NCAR MIRAGE-Mex and NASA INTEX-B field campaigns, we provided MOPITT CO retrievals and MOZART-4 simulations with the assimilation of MOPITT CO.


MOPITT, MOZART-4 and CAM-Chem were used to assist in flight planning for NASA's ARCTAS aircraft experiment. 


Forecasts by the ACRESP group supported the NSF DC3 experiment.  Products included MOZART tracer forecasts, near-real-time MOPITT and IASI CO retrievals, and fire emissions from FINN.


Forecasts of MOZART and FLEXPART tracers were used in flight planning for NOMADSS, a component of the Southeast Atmosphere Study (SAS).  Plots of MOZART are on the EOL SAS Field Catalog.  FLEXPART back trajectories are shown on Christoph Knote's webpage.


The ACRESP group was been funded by NASA to support the Studies of Emissions and Atmospheric Composition, Clouds and Climate Coupling by Regional Surveys (SEAC4RS).  Chemical forecasts and FLEXPART tracer forward trajectories were provided throughout the campaign.  Simulations with CAM-chem and CAM-chem/DART are being performed for analysis of the observations. 


The Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Experiment (FRAPPE) was conducted in Colorado during July-August 2014 in conjunction with NASA DISCOVER-AQ.  MOZART and WRF Tracer forecasts and MOPITT and IASI CO retrievals have been delivered to the FRAPPE Field Catalog and the NASA Data Archive (


Chemical forecasts from CAM-chem/DART and WRF with tracers will be provided for the NASA KORUS-AQ: An International Cooperative Air Quality Field Study in Korea in May-June 2016. 


The FIREX-AQ campaign will be supported with near-real-time (NRT) forecasts from WRF with tracers, WRF-Chem, CAM-chem with data assimilation and FLEXPART (websites coming soon!)




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