Relevant Resources

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Global fire emission inventories:

Regional fire emission inventories:

Online Tools:

Fire initiatives/groups:

  • FireSense
  • IAWF: International Association of Wildland Fire, a professional membership association dedicated to uniting the global wildland fire community:
  • WildfireSat

Upcoming Related Conferences:

  • September 18-21, 2023, FLARE: Fire science Learning AcRoss the Earth system
  • November 7-9 and 14, 2023: BBURNED virtual fire emission workshop
  • December 11-15, 2023: AGU sessions
    1. Session ID: 194871  
    Session Title: A038. Climate Change and the Chemistry of Landscape Fire Smoke: Present and Future Primary Gas and Particle Emissions and the In-plume Photochemical Processes Responsible for Toxic Impacts on Humans and Ecosystems 
    Section: Atmospheric Sciences 

Archived Related Conferences:


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