Research Reports

Research reports are informal briefs by ACOM staff and visitors on their recent work. In the past few years, reports have primarily focused on scientific research activities (hence the name: "Research Reports"). However, in 2018 we began to include activities by all staff, not all of which may quite fit under the descriptor "research" but which nonetheless significantly contribute to the attainment of Laboratory research objectives. Technical staff may report on major projects or specific tasks, while administrative staff may report on activities which make much of the Lab's work even possible. Indeed not all work by scientific staff is exactly research, so they might report on their current research or other activities in which they are engaged.

Reports are held every other Wednesday in FL2-1001 at 11:00 am.

If you cannot make your scheduled slot, please do your best to switch with someone else. In the event you are unable to do so, please contact Carl Drews (and the sooner the better).

Schedule for February 2019 - October 2019

February 6
 Carl Drews
February 20 Gabi Pfister
 Olivia Clifton
 Xuan Zhang
March 6 Anne Smith
 Debbie Ryan
 Kadidia Thiero
March 20 Tim Fredrick
 Ben Gaubert
 Andrew Conley
April 3 Guy Brasseur
 Becky Hornbrook
 Forrest Lacey
April 17 Louisa Emmons
 Alan Hills
 Ivan Ortega

May 1

Room FL2-1022

 Bill Randel
 Jim Hannigan
 Bonnie Slagel
May 15 Shawn Honomichl
 Andrew Gettelman
 Siyuan Wang
May 29 Doug Kinnison
 Lara Cervantes
 Simone Tilmes
June 12 Geoff Tyndall
 Garth D'Attilo
June 26 Eric Apel
 Daniel Ziskin
July 10 Alma Hodzic
 Sam Hall
July 24 Merritt Deeter
 Mike Mills
August 7 Sasha Madronich
 Chuck Bardeen
August 21 Helen Worden
 John Ortega
 Rebecca Buchholz
September 4 John Orlando
 Anne Glanville
September 18 Laura Pan
 Debbie Mao
 Sara Martinez-Alonso
October 2 Mary Barth
 Frank Flocke
 Sue Schauffler

October 16

 David Edwards
 Mijeong Park
 Camille Mouchel-Vallon
October 30 Rolando Garcia
 Teresa Campos
 Richard Newton
 November 13 Barb Tunison
 Kirk Ullmann
 Becky Schwantes
 November 27 




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