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Recent Events

April 2016: NCAR/ACOM researcher Jim Hannigan is collaborating with NCAR HAO to develop a mobile land based FTIR spectrometer, for the purpose of viewing the total solar eclipse in 2017. The goal is to take the FTIR absorption spectra of the corona during the eclipse.  ACOM Engineering is providing mechanical and electronic engineering and fabrication services to support the effort.

Mar 2016:  Working with NCAR/ACOM researchers Sam Hall and Andy Weinheimer to get their instruments ready for deployment in Korea on the NASA DC-8 on the KORUS-AQ campaign.

Feb- Mar 2016:  Hosted Michael Link from  Prof. Delphine Farmer's group at Colorado State University.  Michael came to get some hands on assembly and wiring experience on aircraft hardware.  In the process he was able to help out the University of Chicago folks in preparation for their up-comming deployment.

Feb 2016: We are working with Professor Emily Fisher, for Colorado State University.  Emily would like to develop a dedicated Gas Chromatograph for the detection of PANS (Peroxyacyl Nitrates) in the atmosphere.

Oct 2015 thru Mar 2016: Assisting Prof. Elizabeth Moyer of University of Chicago in the development of a Water Isotopologue Spectrometer (HDO, H218O).  The instrument is scheduled to fly on the Russian Geophysica Research Aircraft, in August 2016 as part of the StratoClim field campaign.  Liz came to us for engineering assistance during the ACCORD workshop of 2015.  We had the opportunity to host several of Liz’s group members and show them a little about the design and fabrication of airborne research equipment.

Aug 2015: USDA researchers Joe Alfieri and John Prueger traveled to Boulder to meet with us about the design of a Relaxed Eddy Accumulator(REA) sampling system.  Joe and John are considering developing a REA for field sampling of certain pesticides and ammonia.

March 2015: Attended the ACCORD workshop, where we learned a little bit about how NCAR can best support the atmospheric chemistry community.  Many opportunities for future collaborations were identified.

 May 2015: Attended International Society for Atmospheric Research Using Remotely Piloted Aircraft conference in Norman, OK

Mar 2015: Assembled and tested the new solar tracker for the Thule, Greenland site (Jim Hannigan, NCAR/ACOM).
Mar 2015: Visited the research group of Prof. Delphine Farmer from Colorado State University. Worked with several of the students on current projects and discussed potential future collaborations.
Dec 2014: Worked with NCAR/EOL-DFS to design a new solar tracker for the Thule, Greenland site (Jim Hannigan, NCAR/ACOM).
Aug 2014: Provided operations support for PAN-CIMS and PTR-MS on the NCAR C-130 during the FRAPPE field project, based out of Broomfield, Co

The ACOM Engineering Support Group at NCAR provides engineering and technical support for development and fabrication of laboratory, ground-based, and airborne in-situ measurement instruments. We support the observational atmospheric science community within ACOM and in other NCAR experimental groups and divisions, and also provide assistance for scientists and researchers at universities and other government agencies.





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