Engineering Support Group

The ACOM Engineering Support Group at NCAR provides engineering and technical support for development and fabrication of laboratory, ground-based, and airborne in-situ measurement instruments. We support the observational atmospheric science community within ACOM and in other NCAR experimental groups and divisions, and also provide assistance for scientists and researchers at universities and other government agencies.

I.    Observation Science Teams We Support

1.)    ACOM

a.    Atmospheric Radiation Investigations and Measurements

  • HARP
  • Fixed platform radiation measurement
  • Stabilized platform radiation measurements

b.    Community Airborne Research Instrumentation

  • CO: Two vacuum flourescence instruments (Aerolaser, one certified for GV)
  • Picarro: A commercial cavity ring-down instrument for CH4, CO2
  • H2O: Two TDL infrared absorption open-path water vapor instruments
  • HAIS Fast-O3: Chemiluminescence instrument
  • 2 Channel Chemiluminescence NO and NO2/NOy
  • 4 Channel Chemiluminescence NO, NO2, NOy, O3
  • PANs: Thermal Dissociation Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer
c.    VOC Measurements

  • TOGA – Trace Organic Gas Analyzer
  • TOGA-TOF – Time of flight Trace Organic Gas Analyzer
d.    Optical Techniques

  • Ground based high resolution solar viewing spectrometer – Mauna Loa, Thule AFB, Boulder

2.)    External Organizations – universities, research agencies


II.    What Support Do We Provide?

1.)    Conceptual Instrument Development For Research Groups

  • Initial consultation on project scope
  • Cost estimates
  • Engineering feasibility
  • Timeframe and schedule development
  • Implementation

2.)    Engineering Design

  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • Electrical/plumbing safety assessment
  • Structural analysis (for submittal to NCAR DER)
  • Electrical analysis (for submittal to NCAR DER)
  • Creation of electrical wiring diagrams and mechanical drawings
  • Fabrication support: mechanical components, electrical wiring harnesses, printed circuit board assembly
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly

3.)    Funding Agency Grant Proposal Development

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development of Cost Estimates and Project Schedules
  • Creation of Proposal Documentation


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