Fire emission workshop (Virtual 2023)

A joint BBURNED/HTAP virtual meeting

Dates: 7, 8, 9 Nov (+ 14 Nov optional), 2023

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Purpose: To bring together major global fire emissions datasets to understand their methods and recent updates, discuss current intercomparison results and inventory disagreements, and determine which combination would be useful for the HTAP fire emission modeling study.

Draft Agenda:

Day 1
(Nov 7)

Day 2
(Nov 8)

Day 3
(Nov 9)

Optional Day 4
(Nov 14)

Invited presentations on each fire emission dataset, including FINN, GFED, QFED, FEER, GFAS, NEIVA, GBBPX

Each 30 minute presentation will include some discussion or overview of:

  • Method overview
  • Updates in last 5-6 years
  • Regional focus/biases
  • Species covered/emission factors
  • Evaluation, uncertainty & variability

Invited presentations on intercomparisons or “mosaic” studies.

Discussion, including about HTAP multi-model multi-species intercomparison requirements

Write up summary from the workshop and the main outcomes and next steps to inform the HTAP study as well as the BBURNED variability and uncertainty workshop to be held in spring 2024.


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