Regional & Process Modeling

Group Lead: Mary Barth

Scientific Objectives

RPM contributes to ACOM's primary research goals through the identification of key atmospheric chemical transformations and physical processes affecting chemical constituents.

Topics include: 1) global, regional, and urban air quality,  2) the chemistry of the climate system, and 3) radiative properties and forcing of anthropogenic pollutants, . 

Research Topics

  • Field campaign data analysis (MIRAGE, DC3, SAS, FRAPPE)
  • Explicit and 3D modeling of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) constituents
  • Cloud-aerosol interactions
    • Learn more about WRF-Chem modeling of cloud-aerosol interactions in India
  • Future Air Quality in South Asia using WRF-Chem (PIs: Rajesh Kumar, Mary Barth)
  • Effects of UV radiation on photochemistry and the biosphere
  • Changing Emissions on Regional and Global Scales
    • Learn more about development and evaluation of fire emissions
    • Learn more about emissions and impacts in Africa
    • Learn more about WRF-chem studies to evaluate the impacts of residential emissions in China


Models available to the community       


  • WRF-Chem, a local-to-regional scale chemistry model
  • NCARMM, the NCAR Master Mechanism, an explicit chemical box model
  • TUV, the Tropospheric Ultraviolet and Visible radiation model
  • FINN, Fire Emissions INventory from NCAR
  • BOXMOX, Box Model Extensions to KPP


Research models

  • GECKO-A, Generator of Explicit Chemistry and Kinetics of Organics in the Atmosphere


Members and Current Visitors

Name Email Job title
Mary Barth Senior Scientist, Group Leader
Alma Hodzic Scientist III
Julia Lee-Taylor Long-Term Visitor
Sasha Madronich Senior Scientist
Young-Hee Ryu Post-Doctoral Researcher
Camille Mouchel-Vallon Post-Doctoral Researcher
XueXi Tie Long-Term Visitor
Stacy Walters Software Engineer
Christine Wiedinmyer Scientist III


Collaborators and Alumni

Name Email Affiliation
Bernard Aumont LISA, Paris, France
Megan Bela NOAA/ESRL
Trude Eidhammer NCAR/RAL
Jerome Fast DOE/PNNL
Sachin Ghude IITM, Pune, India
Christoph Knote LMU, Munich, Germany
Rajesh Kumar NCAR/RAL
G. Gerardo Palancar INFIQC, UNC, Cordoba, Argentina
Pablo Saide NCAR/RAL


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Regional Process Modeling