MUSICA Presentations


IUGG 28th General Assembly

  • Modeling multiscale chemistry and aerosols associated with convective transport in the Asian Summer Monsoon by Mary Barth

WRF/MPAS Users Workshop 2023

CESM Workshop 2023


iCACGP - IGAC Conference 2022

Abstracts can be found at :

  • Vertical Transport of Trace Gases and Aerosols: Contrasting WRF-Chem, CAMchem and MUSICAv0 Results with Field Campaign Observations by Mary Barth.
  • Regional-scale modeling in a global model with MUSICAv0: MUlti-Scale Infrastructure for Chemistry and Aerosols by Louisa Emmons.
  • Application of the Multi-Scale Infrastructure for Chemistry and Aerosols (MUSICA) over Africa by Wenfu Tang.
  • Air pollution simulation in South America using the Multi-Scale Infrastructure for Chemistry and Aerosols (MUSICA) model by Sergio Ibarra-Espinosa.
  • Multi-scale Modeling Over Australia for the 2019/2020 Extreme Wildfire Season by Rebecca Buchholz.
  • Simulations of Air Quality in South America: effects of boundary conditions and model intercomparison by Pablo Lichtig.

CESM Workshop 2022

  • Recent developments in MUSICA by Louisa Emmons.
  • Evaluations of Model Simulated Ozone and its Precursors in MUSICA-V0 Against In-situ and Airborne Measurements over CONUS by Noribeth Mariscal.
  • Comparing the regional-scale model variability of MUSICA with a regional model (WRF-Chem) over CONUS by Wenfu Tang.
  • Influence of Asian Summer Monsoon Eastward Shedding Events on Upper Tropospheric Chemical Composition by Doug Kinnison and Jun Zhang.
  • Evaluating the representation of the Asian summer monsoon UTLS composition in CESM using airborne in situ observations by Ren Smith.

Joint WRF / MPAS Users’ Workshop 2022

  • What is MUSICA? How does MUSICA compare to WRF-Chem? And going to higher resolution by Wenfu Tang.

AeroCom / AeroSAT Workshop 2022

  • On October 10-14, 2022 Michael Schulz (U. of Oslo), Alma Hodzic (NCAR), and collaborators organized two 2-hr sessions during the AeroCom workshop to discuss ideas and foster collaborations for the development of community aerosol-chemistry interfaces within weather and climate models. The meeting sought to engage the European aerosol modeling community in the effort of building the GeneralIzed Aerosol/chemistry iNTerface (GIANT) project that has been started in the US.
  • Participants reviewed the existing solutions used to separate aerosol code from host models, and identified the need to build stand-alone libraries of aerosol modules, well-defined interfaces between aerosol modules and host models, and unit and science testing to provide both portable and robust aerosol code.
  • The next steps will consist of developing software engineering solutions, unit testing, and organizing additional Hackathons withing the GIANT project.

IGAC Conference 2021

Poster at MAC-MAQ 2021:

Poster for Undergraduate Research Summer Program 2021:

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