MUSICA Projects


As a preliminary configuration of the MUSICA model, we are currently developing and evaluating the CESM Community Atmosphere Model with chemistry (CAM-chem) using the Spectral Element (SE) with Regional Refinement (RR) dynamical core. 

Inquiries about MUSICA-V0 can be submitted via the MUSICA Inquiry form.  

MICM: Model Independent Chemistry Module

MICM is being developed to provide the atmospheric chemistry solver to any of the NCAR, and other, atmosphere models.

Inquiries about MICM and its box model MusicBox can be submitted via the MUSICA Inquiry form

Integrating GEOS-Chem into CESM

In collaboration with Harvard and MIT (Daniel Jacob, Seb Eastham), this project will develop and evaluate a capability for using GEOS-Chem atmospheric chemistry in the NCAR Community Earth System Model (CESM). 




ACOM | Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling