MUSICA Projects


An initial configuration of the MUSICA model is CESM Community Atmosphere Model with chemistry (CAM-chem) using the Spectral Element (SE) with Regional Refinement (RR) dynamical core.


MusicBox is a host model so that MICM can be run as a box model. MusicBox can be used for classroom teaching and research. To learn more about MusicBox, please go to the MusicBox web page and/or its github page.

Model EvaLuation using Observations, DIagnostics and Experiments Software (MELODIES)

Model EvaLuation using Observations, DIagnostics and Experiments Software MELODIES is an NSF Earthcube project to develop a modular framework for comparing model results and observations of atmospheric chemistry.


HEMCO is in the standard CESM as an emission-processing tool. 

GEOS-Chem is in CESM

GEOS-Chem is now in CESM as an alternative to CAM-Chem. It is undergoing final software tests. (September 2023) 

Photolysis Rates

  • TUV-x is in CESM and is undergoing final science evaluation. (September 2023)
  • Cloud-J is being developed as a stand-alone photolysis module to serve as an alternative to TUV and TUV-x.


CAM-MPAS with TS1 Chemistry

MUSICA Version 1 is a configuration of the CAM-chem global chemistry climate model that uses the non-hydrostatic dynamical core MPAS allowing regional refinement to urban and cloud scales.


A community effort to build a Generalized Aerosol/chemistry iNTerface (GIANT) for use across weather and climate models is being initiated to advance collaborative science.


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