Model EvaLuation using Observations, DIagnostics and Experiments Software (MELODIES)




MELODIES MONET has the goal to facilitate:

  • Reading observational datasets with various spatial and temporal resolutions
  • Reading model output from regional or global models with structured or unstructured grids
  • Matching variable names and units between observations and model output
  • Matching observations and model results in space and time, applying observation operators and algorithms for quantitative comparison, as well as matching meteorological situations and other conditions
  • Plotting and analyzing comparisons: computing statistics with uncertainties, producing a performance matrix indicating limitations of comparisons 

Please see the MELODIES MONET Read the Docs site for more details on the framework, how to install and run the preliminary version now available, and -- most importantly! -- How to get involved and contribute to the development. 

MELODIES Team: Louisa Emmons (PI), David Fillmore, Rebecca Buchholz, Duseong Jo, Benjamin Gaubert, Gabriele Pfister, Simone Tilmes, Helen Worden, Avelino Arellano (U. Arizona), Gao Chen (NASA Langley)

MELODIES MONET developers: Becky Schwantes (CIRES/NOAA-CSL), Barry Baker (NOAA/ARL) and many others...

Publications describing or using MELODIES MONET


The framework design is illustrated below.  If you are interested in contributing to development, please contact Louisa Emmons.


MELODIES framework design


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