The Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS) program is designed to further science education and provide access to careers in the atmospheric and related sciences for students of minority groups that are historically under-represented in the science community. Each student is teamed with a science mentor, a writing mentor and a community mentor. Please visit for more information.

Mary Barth and Marco Orozco

Mary Barth discusses the effect of thunderstorms on chemical species with Marco Orozco.

Sasha Madronich and Roberto Cancel

Roberto Cancel and Sasha Madronich examine temporal trends in Mexico City air quality.


ACOM SOARS mentoring statistics

Activity 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
ACOM science mentors 2 7 1 2 5 3 3      
ACOM writing mentors 1 2 3 2 3 0 4      
ACOM community mentors 0 1 0 0 1 0 0      


Activity 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
ACOM science mentors 10 5 13 6 4 4 4 2 3 2
ACOM writing mentors 3 3 4 5 3 1 2 2 2 3
ACOM community mentors 1 2 0 2 2 0 0 2 1 0


FY 2016

  • Briah' Davis. Research Mentor: Teresa Campos. Writing Mentor: Rebecca Buchholz.
  • William Evonosky. Writing Mentor: Scott Archer-Nicholls.
  • Shay Gilpin. Research Mentor: Bill Randel.
  • Meghan Mitchell. Writing Mentor: Michael Lawler.
  • Steven Naegele. Writing Mentor: Benjamin Gaubert.
  • Jesse Villalobos. Research Mentor: Teresa Campos.


FY 2015

  • Eugeme Cody. Research Mentors: Christine Wiedinmyer, Scott Archer-Nicholls.
  • Jenine McKoy. Research Mentor: Christine Wiedinmyer.


FY 2014

  • Jenine McCoy. Research Mentors: Christine Wiedinmyer, Mike Hannigan. Writing Mentor: Anne Smith.
  • Eliza Nobles. Writing Mentor: Dan Marsh.
  • Brandt Scott. Research Mentors: Julia Lee-Taylor, John Orlando, Mike Hannigan. Writing Mentor: Carl Drews. Coach: Rebecca Hornbrook.


FY 2013

  • Meghan Applegate. Research Mentor: Mary Barth.
  • Stanley Edwin. Writing Mentor: Dan Marsh.
  • Jonathan Martinez. Research Mentor: Steve Massie. Writing Mentor: Anne Smith.


FY 2012

  • Matthew Burger. Writing Mentor: Lesley Smith.
  • Jenny Eav. Research Mentor: Mike Hannigan.
  • Ana Ortiz. Writing Mentor: Dan Marsh.
  • Jake Zaragoza. Writing Mentor: Anne Smith.


FY 2011

  • Matthew Burger. Writing Mentor: Lesley Smith.
  • Raymond Detweiler. Research Mentors: Steve Massie, Helen Worden.
  • Jenny Eav. Research Mentor: Jim Greenberg. Writing Mentor: Anne Smith.
  • Stanley Edwin. Coach: Barb Petruzzi.
  • Sharome Goode. Research Mentors: Mike Hannigan, Christine Wiedinmyer.
  • Annareli Morales. Research Mentors: Sasha Madronich, Alma Hodzic.


FY 2010

  • Eowyn Connolly-Brown. Research Mentor: Jean-Francois Lamarque.
  • Frances Roberts-Gregory. Research Mentor: Mary Barth. Writing Mentor: Steve Massie.


FY 2009

  • Anastasia Yanchalina. Research Mentors: Dan Marsh, Natalia Calvo. Writing Mentor: Kelley Barsanti. Computing Mentor: Julia Lee-Taylor.
  • Nicole Ngo. Writing Mentor: Reta Lorenz.
  • Dana Pauzauskie. Writing Mentor: Julia Lee-Taylor.


FY 2008

  • Sandra Diaz. Community Mentor: Reta Lorenz.
  • Alisha Fernandez. Writing Mentor: Kelley Barsanti.
  • Taleo Mayo. Research Mentors: Lee Mauldin, Joshua McGrath, Tuuka Petaja.
  • Lumari Pardo-Rodriguez. Writing Mentor: Dan Marsh.


FY 2007

  • Douglas Gavin. Writing Mentor: Kelley Barsanti.
  • ZiZi Searles. Community Mentor: Ilana Pollack.
  • Christopher Williams. Research Mentor: Danny McKenna.
  • Anastasia Yanchilina. Research Mentor: Lee Mauldin. Community Mentor: Reta Lorenz.
  • Marcus Waldman. Writing Mentor: Jeff Yin.


FY 2006

  • Clarence Mann. Science Mentor: Teresa Campos.
  • Imani Morris. Science Mentor: Steve Massie.
  • Marco Orozco. Science Mentor: Lee Mauldin. Writing Mentor: Anne Smith.
  • Julien Wang. Science Mentor: Xuexi Tie. Writing Mentor: Danny McKenna.


FY 2005

  • Melissa Burt. Writing Mentor: Christine Wiedinmyer.
  • Roberto Cancel. Science Mentor: Sasha Madronich.
  • Karen Diaz. Science Mentor: Andy Weinheimer.
  • Clarence Mann. Science Mentor: Teresa Campos.
  • Marco Orozco. Science Mentor: Mary Barth.


FY 2004

  • Anthony Didlake. Community Mentor: Beth Holland.
  • Atzel Drevon. Science Mentor: Alex Guenther.
  • Deanna Hence. Writing Mentor: Sreela Nandi.
  • Clarence Mann. Community Mentor: Kathleen Barney.
  • Damian Mattis. Science Mentor: Jim Smith.
  • Carlos Medina. Science Mentor: Mike Coffey.
  • Andro Rios. Science Mentor: Steve Massie.
  • Dione Lee Rossiter. Writing Mentor: Chris Halvorson.
  • Melanie Zauscher. Writing Mentor: Barry Lefer.


FY 2003

  • Roberto Cancel. Science Mentor: Mary Barth. Writing and Communication Mentor: Dan Marsh.
  • Rebecca Chan. Science Mentors: Andrew Gettelman, Bill Randel.
  • Deanna Hence. Writing and Communication Mentor: Sreela Nandi.
  • Damian Mattis. Science Mentor: Steve Massie. Community Mentor: James Smith.
  • Okason Morrison. Science Mentor: Lee Mauldin. Writing and Communication Mentor: Jean-Francois Lamarque.
  • Erik Noble. Writing and Communication Mentor: Louisa Emmons.
  • Nichole Spence. Science Mentor: Sasha Madronich. Writing and Communication Mentor: Sue Schauffler. Community Mentor: Yadwiga Beres.


FY 2002

  • Shaan Bliss. Science Mentor: Lee Klinger. Writing Mentor: Sue Schauffler.
  • Olusegun Goyea. Science Mentor: Chris Cantrell. Writing Mentor: Barry Lefer.
  • Theresa Johnson. Science Mentor: Beth Holland.
  • Ernesto Munoz. Science Mentor: Alan Fried.
  • Amber Reynolds. Science Mentor: Dan Marsh. Writing Mentor: Mary Barth.
  • Summer Sands. Science Mentor: Sasha Madronich. Writing Mentor: Julia Lee-Taylor.
  • Tamara Singleton. Science Mentor: Bill Mankin.
  • Rei Ueyama. Science Mentor: Steve Massie.
  • Melanie Zauscher. Science Mentors: Frank Flocke, Craig Stroud, Andy Weinheimer.


FY 2001

  • Rynda Hudman. Science Mentor: Mary Barth.
  • Theresa Johnson. Science Mentor: Alex Guenther. Writing Mentor: Barry Lefer.
  • Fabiola Navarro. Science Mentor: Steve Massie. Writing Mentor: Daniel McKenna.
  • Erik Noble. Science Mentor: Daniel Marsh.
  • Yasmin Rodriguez. Writing Mentor: Julia Lee-Taylor. Community Mentor: Lesley Smith.
  • Tamara Singleton. Science Mentor: William Mankin. Community Mentor: Teresa Rivas.



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