ACOM Project for the Revitalization of Observational Capabilities (funded)

Lead: Brett Palm. Project PI: Frank Flocke.

Development of a wingpod-based chemical ionization mass spectrometer for the measurement of complex organics in the atmosphere

Project Start: May 2021. Timeline: 3-5 years

  • Develop a new and unique experimental approach for the measurement of a large variety of oxidized volatile organic compounds and the identification of processes leading to the formation of ozone and secondary organic aerosols.
  • Pod instrument avoids sampling biases introduced by standard GV inlets and long inlet lines required for in-cabin deployment.
  • Significant part of ACOM’s research priority on Organic Chemistry in the Atmosphere
  • Strategic priority for NCAR and of high value for the community.
  • Challenging research project but with high reward.
  • Funded by NSF special funds, leverages previous NSF-funded inlet development.


See also: ACOM Chemistry Airborne tracer package (ChemPod).



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