ACOM Chemistry Airborne tracer package (Chem-Pod)

(Proposed project, not yet funded)

  • Development of a modular and semi-automated airborne package for tracers that are requested on all chemistry and frequently for non-chemistry campaigns {CO, O3, CO2, CH4,N2O, NO, NO2 and H2O}. 
  • Essential for long-term stability of requestable chemistry instrumentation.
  • Deployable for cabin and wingpod – highly complementary to APROC (“CIMS-POD”) and non-chemistry campaigns utilizing large wing stores installations such as the HIAPER Cloud Radar (HCR).
  • Simplified deployment and reduced staff needs in the field.
  • Wingpod deployment saves significant cabin space (2 racks plus pump floor mount).
  • Partnership opportunity with UWY to potentially provide a leveraged option to inform community developments of next generation instrumentation for UWKA (perhaps UMD, and other airborne platform operators as well).
  • Three instrument module developments will move current instrumentation to state-of-art: 
1. Laser-induced flourescence based NO and NO2 instrument module
2. Modularize and simplify deployment of the current Aerodyne (CO, N2O, and H2O) and Picarro greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, CO, and H2O) instruments
3. Development of compact O3 instrument

Chempod concept

Figure 1: ChemPod conceptual design drawing




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