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NCAR Staff

Mary Barth (WRF-chem group leader) – Simulations of thunderstorms and chemistry; DC3 analysis; North American Monsoon simulation

Cenlin He

Alma Hodzic – Aerosol chemistry

Rajesh Kumar - Air quality studies

Sasha Madronich – Photolysis rates and SOA chemistry

Gabriele Pfister – Air quality studies; FRAPPE analysis

Stacy Walters – Software Engineer

Affiliate Scientists

Jerome Fast - DOE/PNNL

Christoph Knote - LMU, Munich, Germany

Christine Wiedinmyer – CIRES, U. Colorado - MEGAN biogenic emissions and FINN fire emissions

Visiting Post-Docs and Students

Gustavo Cuchiara - Postdoc - scavenging of soluble trace gases in SEAC4RS storms

Mauro Morichetti (Polytechnic Marche Univ) - Student (1 May -- 7 September 2018) - aerosol composition over southern Europe

Daniel Phoenix (U. Oklahoma) - Student (11 June -- 31 December 2018) -  stratosphere-troposphere exchange associated with thunderstorms

Xiaokang Wu (Texas A&M) - Student (15 July -- 31 December 2018) - black carbon deposition on Tibetan Plateau and BB in Yucatan

Previous Members of Group

Scott Archer-Nicholls – 2015-2017 Postdoc - now at Cambridge University

Megan Bela - 2012-2017 Graduate Student - now at NOAA/ESRL/CSD

Young Hee Ryu - 2015-2018 Postdoc - now at U. Alabama

Pablo Saide - 2015-2017 Postdoc - now at UCLA


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