Foothills Laboratory

Laboratory Activities

The OT group maintains an active spectroscopy lab where we make routine atmospheric observations similar to our remote NDACC stations, support NSF colleagues with our facilities and regularly host students. Below is the Bruker 120HR FTIR. There is a rooftop solar tracker to direct a collimated solar beam to the instrument.

FL0 Bruker 120HR

Laboratory Studies

Investigations into the UV-Vis spectra of isotopic glyaxol. In support of research by students and colleagues at the University of Colorado at Boulder spectra of isotopic gayaxol were taken with the Bruker 120HR spectrometer in the OT lab at FL0.  The apparatus shown below was employed to measure the spectrum of 13CHO13CHO between 430 -460 [nm].

Glyaxol cell and FTIR


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