Database for the Kinetics of Gas-Phase Reactions of Organic Species

A comprehensive digital database for the gas-phase reactions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the most important atmospheric oxidants (OH, NO3, O3 and Cl-atom) has been created and made freely available to the community. The project was led by scientists at UC-Riverside and CNRS-Orléans, with participation from scientists at NCAR ACOM, Ford Motor Company and Universités Paris-Est. The database uses previous evaluations as a starting point, but provides numerous advantages over these existing works:

  • It extends coverage considerably – recommendations are made for more than 2700 rate coefficients involving 1350 VOCs (See accompanying figure).
  • The database will be regularly updated (the first round of updates in already being worked on).
  • The data are provided in a digital, searchable format.


The database is described by McGillen et al., 2020, while the database itself and instructions and guidelines for its use can be found at

While of obvious value as a reference resource, another use for this database is as input for the derivation of structure-reactivity rules – rules that allow existing kinetic data to be used to provide estimates for unstudied reactions. These rules are at the heart of the operation of the GECKO-A explicit chemical mechanism generator, and evaluating and improving these rules is a current focus of the research team.


Figure from McGillen et al., 2020.

Key Features: 

  • Largest database of its type
  • Freely available in digital, searchable form
  • Absorbs previous evaluations
  • Current focus on OH, CI, NO3, O3
  • Regular updates planned, extensions anticipated



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