Environmental Chambers and Associated Instrumentation

ACOM Teflon chamber

Figure 1. The NCAR ACOM 10 m3 Teflon chamber, designed for studies of atmospheric organic mechanisms. Available instrumentation includes: basic chamber characterization and control instrumentation (flow rates, ozone, temperature, particle size distribution, relative humidity, pressure, and light control), as well as gas-chromatographs (GC), proton-transfer reaction – mass spectrometers (PTR-MS), and chemical ionization mass spectrometers (CIMS).

VOC stainless steel chamber

Figure 2. Temperature-regulated, 50-liter stainless steel chamber for studies of VOC oxidation rates and mechanisms. The chamber is equipped with FT-IR and GC-FID instrumentation and can be readily interfaced to additional instrumentation (PTR-MS, CIMS, absorption spectrometers, …).


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