Seminars The ACOM Seminar Series is an opportunity for NSF NCAR staff and visitors to share scientific information that is of general interest. Seminars are typically held on Thursday mornings with a reception at 10:45 am and the seminar starting at 11:00 am in the main seminar room at the Foothills Laboratory (FL2-1022). Seminars may be held at other times and locations to accommodate interesting speakers whose schedules don't fit the normal schedule.
Meetings A list of conferences and workshops sponsored or cosponsored by ACOM
Research Reports Informal discussions by ACOM scientists on their latest research
Paul Crutzen Lecture Series Annual series of lectures in honor of former ACOM Director Paul Crutzen and Nobel Prize Laureate.


Other NSF NCAR Divisional Seminar Series

  • EOL Earth Observing Laboratory
  • GIS Graphical Information Systems
  • HAO High Altitude Observatory
  • MMM Mesoscale Microsale Meterorology
  • RAL Research Applications Laboratory
  • CISL Computational & Information Systems Lab


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