May 2015

Joint FRAPPÉ/DISCOVER-AQ Science Team Meeting: May 4-8, 2015

Presentations have been posted to the NASA DISCOVER-AQ and FRAPPÉ Data Archive (Login required)

UCAR Center Green (CG1)
3080 Center Green Drive
Boulder, Colorado

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If you have not already let us know you are coming, please do so ASAP:

Lodging: !!! Make your reservations as soon as possible. !!!

Forty rooms are available at the Renaissance Hotel:

Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel;
500 Flatiron Boulevard, Broomfield, Colorado 80021
Phone: 303-464-8400; Fax: 303-438-6699

Cut-Off Date for booking your reservation is Friday, April 3, 2015
You are strongly urged to have your reservation completed well before the cutoff date.

The Reservation Link for Science Systems and Applications rooms block at the Renaissance Hotel is below.

Book your group rate: Science Systems and Applications Room Block >>

Do NOT use a commercial on-line booking tool (for example: Kayak, CheapTickets, Expedia, Only use the link above or call the Renaissance Hotel directly.

Total estimated cost per night $125.12
Room Rate: $114.00 per night
Plus estimated tax: 9.75% tax $11.12


Information for DISCOVER-AQ participant

Science Systems & Applications, Inc. will again support travel expenses for the DISCOVER-AQ participants in the FRAPPÉ/DISCOVER-AQ Science Team Meeting.  Because of government wide financial constraints, you will experience very detailed scrutiny over each expense you claim.  Be judicious with your choices. Airfare purchased by SSAI will be limited, specifically to and from your departure location and Boulder Colorado.  Latitude for preferential side trips continues to be very difficult to justify and accommodate.

Airfare: This should be purchased no later than Friday, April 3, 2015, 30 days prior to the event.

Attached here is the contact information for CI Travel Agents, the travel vendor for SSAI.  You should contact CI Travel directly for airfare, and rental car.  Nardy Tello is the primary designated Travel Agent.  If she is unavailable, other agents from the list are well qualified and very familiar with the SSAI purchase and billing process.  Please only work with one of the listed agents.

Non-refundable tickets are purchased at the lowest available rate.  Do not assume you will automatically have your preferred airline, flights, or specific seating.  The ticket cost will determine if it will be possible to accommodate your preferences. 

Be respectful and plan well in advance of your departure dates.  NO ONE should contact Diane/SSAI or our travel vendor (CI Travel) on short notice for airfare purchases.  Travel schedules are known well enough in advance that no one should procrastinate up to the last 3-4 days before departure.   Airfare should be purchased no later than Friday, April 3, 2015, which is 30 days prior to the event.

CI Travel needs to have 4 pieces of personal information from you (listed below).   Please have everything available when you first contact the agent.

  1. The exact spelling of your name as it is on the gov't issued photo ID that you will present to TSA security screenings.
  2. If you are traveling on a Passport, also required are: the ID number, the expiration date, the location (country and city) where it was issued.
  3. Your birth date.
  4. A cell phone number or other contact phone number.

Other optional personal information you should have readily available when making reservations with CI Travel: the TSA pre-screening ID number, and Frequent Flyer/Member numbers.

Ground Transportation:  You are authorized reimbursement for a COMPACT SIZE rental car. We ask each team to share one car, or one car per 3 people.

Do not purchase optional insurance from the rental car companies.  You are covered by an SSAI Insurance Policy while on business travel for this Science Team Meeting.  The policy number and emergency contact information is available upon request.   Contact Diane Zeimet.

With the exception of underage driver insurance, optional insurances will not be reimbursed.  If you choose to purchase any optional insurance coverage offered by the rental car company, you will be responsible for the full insurance cost. 

A GPS device is another optional add-on that will not be reimbursed.

Meals & Incidental Per Diem is paid on the established GSA allowances.  This is a flat rate and meal receipts are not required for reimbursement. Boulder rates are:

  • The two travel days are each paid at: $45.75 (75% of $61.00)
  • The full days are each paid at: $61.00

M&I breakdown: Breakfast $10.00; Lunch: $15.00; Dinner: $31.00; Incidentals: $5.00

For questions and travel concerns Diane Zeimet is available to assist you. Contact her at your convenience.

Diane L. Zeimet
Travel Logistics
(757) 951-1674
(757) 951-1900 Fax
1 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 200, Hampton, VA 23666

Science Systems and Applications, Inc.