HIAPER Airborne Radiation Package (HARP) Instrument

The Atmospheric Radiation Investigations and Measurements (ARIM) group had a previously designed spectral irradiance instrument (HARP) which performs measurements of spectrally resolved actinic flux and irradiance in the zenith and nadir directions.  Sam Hall requested a redesign and repackaging of the HARP instrument to use less rack space and also to use newer data acquisition system and electrical hardware.  Additionally, physical access to the enclosed spectrometers was difficult in the previous design, so a more accessible design was required.  Engineering Support created a new design for enclosures that each held a single spectrometer with support hardware (two total), as well as a new control system with new electronics and an updated industrial computer that replaced the previous PC-104 data acquisition system.  The instrument package was installed on a sliding shelf which allowed easier access to the spectrometer enclosures for repair.  In addition, we designed a new humidity and temperature control system for the spectrometer enclosures.  The full HARP package is installed on a single HIAPER GV equipment rack.  Engineering Support created electrical wiring drawings, electrical harness assembly drawings, mechanical and electrical documentation for FAA certification, and supervised fabrication and assembly of all electrical and mechanical parts.  The new HARP instrument is currently being tested by ARIM staff and will be used during the 2022 ACCLIP field campaign.

HIAPER Airborne Radiation Package (HARP) Instrument



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