ACOM - Diversity Fund Proposals

Diversity Project Title:

Building long-term partnerships with targeted US University programs serving under-represented student populations in the Atmospheric Sciences field.
Dr. Mary C. Barth : Principal Investigator
Tamil Maldonado-Vega: Proposal Writer and Coordinator
Period of Performance: 2012-2014

Executive Summary:

We propose to create partnerships with Atmospheric Sciences programs that have students from historically under-represented populations through the exchange of NCAR Scientists, faculty and students from identified programs. We will identify and begin ties with other programs serving students from historically under-represented populations.  We offer to coordinate a series of seminars/workshops at their Universities that will allow Scientists to expose/discuss the science they are working with at NCAR and workshops on how to use some of the NCAR/ACOM educational tools. We will encourage presentations and dialogues about current field campaigns, possible opportunities for students and professors at NCAR, and current/future collaborations.  We propose to support extended visits of graduate students to NCAR to work with ACOM scientists on projects of mutual interest.  Our aim is to establish, enhance and develop long-term partnerships between minority-serving programs and NCAR Scientists promoting diversity in our laboratory/institution while sharing our scientific community service vision with them.
Our project goals are to:
  • Create and strengthen the relationship and liaison between NCAR and selected underrepresented programs. 
  • Offer and promote an opportunity for students, professors and their programs to establish direct connections with NCAR scientists and vice versa.
  • Expose and discuss the NCAR scientists’ research at both the minority-serving institution and via internet seminars or discussions.
  • Offer workshops on how to use some of the NCAR/ACOM educational tools (e.g. TUV, MOZART/forecast, MEGAN/biogenic emissions, WRF-Chem, fire emissions, satellite data analysis - Giovanni, lab experiments, instrumentation, Box Models) in identified programs.
  • Promote institutions to look for ways to incorporate diversity and increase their number of underrepresented students in their respective programs.
  • Create and promote non-affiliated and affiliated institutions to have a more active role in their partnerships with NCAR and vice versa.
  • Promote NCAR’s mission and vision in minority-serving programs, creating a culture and making an impact in their programs and with their participant students. 
  • Build long-term partnerships not only with the programs and professors, but also with participant students.  We hope these students will work at NCAR or at NCAR partners’ institutions in the near future bringing and increasing diversity in the atmospheric sciences workforce.
These goals are aligned with (and not limited by) the following Diversity Funds objectives:
  • Increase or improve efforts within NCAR to reach and recruit applicants and students from groups that have historically been under-represented in the U.S. geosciences workforce and academic programs.
  • Provide education and outreach about academic or job opportunities and increase knowledge of the geosciences in general and interest in NCAR in particular with under-represented populations in the United States.
  • Support the initial establishment of long-term scientific, technical or education/outreach partnerships with collaborators at U.S. institutions serving underrepresented populations.
Our goals respond to NCAR’s vision and mission, acting as an integrator, innovator and community builder. Our objectives also support NCAR/UCAR’s commitment to further promote and increase diversity at their institutions.



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