Multi-Scale Chemistry Modeling (MUSICA)

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The Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling (ACOM) Laboratory at NCAR together with the atmospheric chemistry community is developing a new community modeling infrastructure. MUSICA – the Multi-Scale Infrastructure for Chemistry and Aerosols – will become a computationally feasible global modeling framework that allows for the simulation of large-scale atmospheric phenomena, while still resolving chemistry at emission and exposure relevant scales (down to ~4 km within the next 5 years). MUSICA will eventually replace and extend the current separate community chemistry modeling efforts at NCAR (e.g. WACCM, CAM-Chem, WRF-Chem), paralleling other activities at NCAR to streamline and unify model development.

Community Simulation: The standard configuration of MUSICAv0 has been run for 2012-2013 and the output is available for download from the DASH repository

A MUSICA Tutorial Series will start November 12, 2021 - see the Tutorial Website for more information. 

MUSICA-V0 with regional refinement over the conterminous U.S. is now available in CESM2.2. More information on MUSICA-V0 is on the MUSICA-V0 webpage.

Learn more about MUSICA Working Groups on the MUSICA Governance page.

The MUSICA Kick-Off meeting was held at NCAR from 21-22 May, 2019. Presentations from this meeting are available from the meeting website.


The MUSICA vision paper was published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS, Oct 1, 2020). 

The MUSICAv0 description and evaluation paper (and Supplement) by Becky Schwantes is in review (Dec 2021) in the Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES).





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