Information for Visitors


Whether your visit is for a few days, or for months, our ACOM Systems Staff are here to help. See for a listing of System Administrators and how to contact them.  

Our System Administrators manage an "internal network" of workstations and servers, and also an "external" guest wireless network. Whether you use one of ACOM's machines, or your own laptop and connect it to our guest network, keep in mind that the ACOM and NCAR networks as a whole depend on the security of your individual machine. We ask that you keep a few security tips in mind as you work with us:

  1. We will never ask for login passwords or sensitive private information by email. Recently, spam email has been crafted to appear as if it comes from a known individual, even a Sysadmin. Ignore and delete such emails and don't click on any of the links they contain.
  2. Use Chrome or Firefox with the uBlock Origin add-on. uBlock Origin blocks a lot of malware, including that which appear in "banner ads".
  3. Report anything that looks unexpected or suspicious to your System Administrator. We'd rather have false alarms than have malware go undetected.
  4. Use Antivirus software and keep any application that uses the Internet patched and updated.
  5. If you have a CIT login, review our ACOM IT Policies page.



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