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Welcome to ACOM's Computer Services Group.  We provide a general purpose computing environment consisting of divisional servers, project servers, and a networking/printing infrastructure that serves MacOS, Linux, and Windows systems.

While here, our office doors are open.  We're here to assist with planning, purchasing, troubleshooting, networking, account administration, security/privacy, and just about any computing related matter. 

For projects, troubleshooting, or other tasks, we maintain a work request system.  Its email is  This is always the prefered way to contact us by email.

The first link to the right take you to our account/password request form.  Passwords in ACOM are generated and distributed every 6 months but may be changed at any time using the form. 

The other links to the right take you to our trouble-ticket system, or to important current information regarding our facilities and services.

Timothy Fredrick

Timothy Fredrick



  • Head of the Computer Systems Support Group
  • General ACOM systems support
  • Representative:  ACOM Management
       committee, CSAC, NSITL, Jamf-Pro, CFM
       SCCM, ADTF. 
  • ACOM Information System Security Officer
Garth D'Attilo

Garth D'Attilo



  • General ACOM Systems support
  • NCAB representative
  • ACESS representative
  • ADTF chair
Carl Drews

Carl Drews



  • ACOM web systems support
  • NCAR Web Advisory Group
  • ACOM software services and support
  • Google Apps for Government coach 



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We also have a tool for generating random "dice word" passwords that may be useful as passwords other than our UCAS/CIT password:

     Random Password Generator

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ACOM Trouble Ticket (not accessible outside of UCAR)

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