How to Get Computer Accounts

If you are a visitor, or new staff member, welcome! We provide computer account applications using the link below. If you are a short-term visitor and do not need to access UCAR resources, you may be fine with just a wireless guest account for your laptop computer. In that case, contact your Administrative assistant or System Administrator. A guest account is usually good for up to 3 days, but may be renewed.

If you are needing to access computers and printers within ACD, you will first need to apply for a UCAS Password.   We use the same password as a CIT password.  The CIT password is what we use for most of our ACD computer accounts including Email, Windows, and Linux logins.  The UCAS account is for CISL provided resources, sending email,, VPN and a few other services.  Our form (below) generates passwords -- new passwords are generated and distributed every 6 months.

You may also need a password token (such a CRYPTOCard or YubiKey) for:

  • logging in from outside the UCAR network via or using a VPN client
  • ssh'ing to our multi-user Unix servers
  • Accessing CISL supercomputers

Getting a password tokens usually take a few days, and the token itself will be delivered to a Systems Administrator from whom you can pick up the device.  To get started, see your System Administrator (listed at ).

For a general overview of our computer resources and policies, take a look at our Computing web pages.

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