Dhaka 2023 Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers




Jhoon Kim

Yonsei Univ./Korea

Diurnal variation of atmospheric composition seen from space: GEMS

Fred Stroh

Jülich Center/Germany

Overview and Selected Results of the 2017 StratoClim field campaign: Airborne and balloon measurements of microphysical, dynamical, and chemical processes in the Asian Summer Monsoon Anticyclone

Laura Pan


Operations and Science Highlights of the ACCLIP Campaign 2022

Mohd Talib Latif


MANGO COVID analyses

Pengfei Yu

Jinan Univ./China

Radiative Forcing from the 2014-2022 Volcanic and Wildfire Injections

Sagnik Dey IIT Delhi/India ‘India’s pathways to reduce air pollution exposure and associated health burden’: Policy perspectives

Luke Western

NOAA GML/USA & Univ. of Bristol/UK

Monitoring emissions of very short lived ozone depleting substances from the Asian Monsoon region

Gaurav Govardhan Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)/India Air quality forecasting and decision-support to policymakers in Delhi, India
Taku Umezawa NIES/Japan CO2 and CH4 emissions in tropical Asia and monsoonal transport to UTLS


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