Dhaka 2023 Travel and Visa

Travel Support

Limited travel support will be available, with preference given to Early Career Scientists from emerging scientific communities to promote capacity building. Please do not apply for travel support unless it is absolutely necessary for you to attend the workshop. You may apply for travel support during registration.

Visa application:

  • Please check your visa requirements for Bangladesh. Details on the application procedure can be found at https://www.visa.gov.bd/. In many cases, the visa application must be filled online first, and a barcode with your application ID will be generated upon completion/acceptance. Please start your visa application as soon as possible since it may take a few weeks.

Invitation letter for visa application:

  • An invitation letter is required for the Bangladesh visa application. Professor Abdus Salam of Dhaka University is the workshop host. If you need a visa letter, please send him an email to asalam@gmail.com with the subject line, “Invitation Letter Request for 5th ACAM Workshop”. The email should contain the following pieces of information needed for the letter:
    • Full name:
    • Nationality:
    • Passport number:
    • Passport issue date:
    • Passport expiry date:
    • Job Title:
    • Date of employment:
    • Organization to be visited: Dhaka University, Mukarram Building, Room # 416, Department of Chemistry, Dhaka University Area, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh, Prof. Abdus Salam


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