HEPPA / SOLARIS 2012: Program

Agenda (as PDF)

4th International HEPPA Workshop
in conjunction with SPARC/SOLARIS
9-12 October 2012
National Center for Atmospheric Research, CG1, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Tuesday, 9 October

0730-0830 Registration (light refreshments)

0830-0900 Welcome and Introduction (Cora Randall)
0900-0930 Historical perspective on Sun-Earth connection research (Harry van Loon)
0930-1000 Overview of solar irradiance effects on the Earth's atmosphere and climate (Katja Matthes)
1000-1030 Break (light refreshments)
1030-1100 Geomagnetic activity: Structure & variability (Richard Horne)
1100-1130 Overview of EPP effects on the Earth's atmosphere (Charles Jackman)
1130-1200 One-slide poster summaries for poster session 1
1200-1400 Lunch
1400-1600 Poster Session 1, Topic B (light refreshments)
1600-1630 Solar influence on the troposphere through dynamical processes (Kuni Kodera)
1630-1700 EPP contribution to tropospheric variations (Annika Seppälä)
1700-1900 Ice Breaker reception (NCAR CG1)

Wednesday, 10 October

0830-0900 Registration (light refreshments)

0900-0930 The role of the ocean in solar irradiance effects on climate variations (Jerry Meehl)
0930-1000 Atmospheric coupling by planetary waves, gravity waves, and tides (Larisa Goncharenko)
1000-1030 Break (light refreshments)
1030-1050 Solar irradiance measurements (Peter Pilewskie)
1050-1110 Energetic particle measurements (Craig Rodger)
1110-1130 Effects of galactic cosmic rays on the atmosphere and climate (Jón-Egill Kristjánsson)
1130-1200 One-slide poster summaries for poster session 2
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1500 Poster Session 2, Topics A & C (light refreshments)
1500-1800 Outing in the Boulder Mountain Parks (see Agenda pdf file for details)
1800-2100 Meeting Banquet at NCAR on the Mesa (Boulder casual dress)

Thursday, 11 October

0830-0900 Registration (light refreshments)

0900-0930 Atmospheric measurements relevant to SOLARIS & HEPPA: What we have and what we need (Bernd Funke)
0930-1000 One-slide poster summaries for poster session 3
1000-1200 Poster session 3, Topics D & E (light refreshments)
1200-1400 Lunch
1400-1430 Extreme EPP events & ice core controversy (Nathan Schwadron)
1430-1500 Chemistry-Climate Models: What we have and what we need (Dan Marsh)
1500-1530 HEPPA/SOLARIS outstanding questions (Cora Randall & Katja Matthes)
1530-1600 Break (light refreshments)
1600-1700 HEPPA/SOLARIS Strategic Planning Discussion

Expect heavy traffic in Boulder Thursday evening, as there is a University of Colorado football game.

Friday, 12 October (HEPPA & SOLARIS working groups)

See the Agenda pdf file for details of the Friday sessions.

0830-0900 Light refreshments

0900-1020 Joint HEPPA/SOLARIS discussion (plans)
1020-1050 Break (light refreshments)
1050-1200 Break-out sessions (one for HEPPA, one for SOLARIS)
1200-1330 Lunch
1330-1500 Break-out sessions continued
1500-1530 Break (light refreshments)
1530-1700 Joint HEPPA/SOLARIS discussion (reports)

Poster Session Topics:

A. Solar and Particle Variability (Session 2)
B. Solar and Particle Effects on the Stratosphere and Above (Session 1)
C. Solar and Particle Effects on the Troposphere and Climate (Session 2)
D. Atmosphere and Ocean/Atmosphere Coupling (Session 3)
E. Tools for Assessing Solar and Particle Influences (new or improved measurements, models, etc). (Session 3)

Topics have been divided into Poster Sessions as follows:
Session 1 (Tuesday, 1400-1600): Topic B
Session 2 (Wednesday, 1300-1500): Topics A, C
Session 3 (Thursday, 1000-1200): Topics D, E

Please see the Agenda pdf file for individual poster information: Author, Title, Poster Session & Number. The presentations are attached below:




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