Whiteface Mountain Cloud Chemistry Study

Mountain top measurement and modeling to understand cloud processing


Marble Mountain Lodge, Whiteface Mountain
110 Marble Mountain Lane

Wilmington, New York, USA
Friday, September 16 to Saturday, September 17 2016

Organizers: Mary Barth (NCAR), Ann Marie Carlton (UC-Irvine), Sara Lance (SUNY-Albany), Jeff Collett (CSU), Delphine Farmer (CSU), Kerri Pratt (U. Michigan), Jim Schwab (SUNY-Albany)

Local Organizers: Paul Casson (ASRC, Whiteface Mountain Research Station), Rich Brandt (ASRC, Whiteface Mountain Research Station), Jed Dukett (ALSC), Jim Schwab (SUNY-Albany), Sara Lance (SUNY-Albany)

group photo 1

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