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For WRF questions (installing WRF, running WPS, WRF, meteorology), please go to the WRF Forum.

We only provide help with the MOZART chemistry packages and the the processing tools that we developed: anthro_emiss, bio_emiss, fire_emiss, lightning, and mozbc. For all non-NCAR WRF-Chem requests, please go to the WRF-Chem Helpdesk.

WRF-Chem general discussion.


WRF-Chem anthro_emiss: Anthropogenic emissions.

WRF-Chem bio_emiss: Biogenic emissions.

WRF-Chem fire_emiss: Fire emissions.

WRF-Chem lightning: Lightning and Lightning NOx.

WRF-Chem mozbc: Boundary conditions using MOZART global model output.

               NEW: Please see here for example mapping of WACCM species to WRF-Chem. 

WRF-Chem Run: Running WRF-chem for MOZCART and MOZART-MOSAIC.


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