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The page has a list of all of the ACOM seminars that took place in the year 2013. For the full meeting announcement including the abstract, please click on the title.

Date Speaker Title & Announcement Video Webcast
1/14/2013 Jiannong Quan Aircraft measurements of Aerosols, CCN, and Cloud Droplet over the Beijing region during 2006-2012  
1/31/2013 Kerry Emanuel (NESL Distinguished Lecturer) Tropical Cyclones in a Changing Climate: Inferences from Cloud-Permitting Models and AR5 Climate Models  
2/11/2013 Roy (Lee) Mauldin (CU Boulder, U. of Helsinki) The X Files: Oxidation via Criegee radicals – From reactions to global impacts  
3/4/2013 Steve Montzka (NOAA) Characterizing background atmospheric concentrations of short-lived halocarbons view
3/18/2013 Jean-Francois Lamarque (ACD) Climate impacts of short-lived forcing agents  
4/1/2013 Jeff Pierce (CSU) Atmospheric organics, ultrafine aerosols, CCN and climate  view
4/22/2013 Drew Shindell (Columbia University) Mitigating Near-term Climate Change While Advancing Human Development  
5/7/2013 Michael Jerrett (UC Berkeley) Comparing Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Chemistry, and Ground-based Estimates of Fine Particulate Matter on Survival view
5/13/2013 Ed Dlugokencky (NOAA ESRL) Observational constraints on the global methane budget view
5/20/2013 Dominik Brunner (EMPA) Lagrangian transport and inverse emission modeling of non-CO2 greenhouse gases in Europe view
6/24/2013 Marta Abalos Understanding Upwelling near the Tropical Tropopause and it's Effect on Tracer Transport view
8/05/2013 Tiffany Shaw Stratosphere-troposphere Coupling:

Connections to North Atlantic Weather and Climate Including their Representation in CMIP5 Models
8/20/2013 William A. Lahoz Data Assimilation: Making Sense of Earth Observations view
9/9/2013 Christopher C. Cappa Simulating Secondary Organic Aerosol at Varying Levels of Complexity view
10/28/2013 Rainer Volkamer Multiphase Chemistry of Biogenic Marine Trace Gases view
11/11/2013 Cathy Clerbaux Updates on the IASI Atmospheric Sounding Mission: Ovservation of Local Pollution Events and Future Expectations view
11/19/2013 Roger Atkinson Products of OH + Furan Reactions and Some Implications for Aromatic Hydrocarbon Atmospheric Degradation view


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