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The page has a list of all of the ACOM seminars that took place in the year 2012. For the full meeting announcement including the abstract, please click on the title.

Date Speaker Title & Announcement
3/7/2012 Birgit Hassler The BDBP a database for various applications
3/12/2012 Christine Wiedinmyer Fire in the Earth System
6/25/2012 Kevin Hamilton Regional climate change projections for Hawaii - preliminary results
7/9/2012 Christoph Knote

Response of tropospheric aerosols to changes in anthropogenic emissions over Europe during the 1990-2009 period – a regional air quality study with COSMO-ART

7/23/2012 Roya Bahreini From crude oil vapors to diesel and gasoline engines: Field and laboratory measurements of organic aerosol formation
8/27/2012 Bernard Aumont

Modeling SOA formation and aging from the multigenerational oxidation of Intermediate Volatility Organic Compounds 

10/8/2012 Jiemjai Kreasuwun

Regional Climate Change for Thailand

10/22/2012 Benjamin de Foy

Estimating emission inventories using an inverse model that combines backward trajectories with Eulerian grid simulations

10/29/2012 Michael Boy

New insights in SOA formation – from BVOCs to CCNs


Candice Lung

Linking Atmospheric Chemistry Researches with Health Studies

11/12/2012 Jorgen Jensen

The Giant Nuclei Impactor (GNI) and first results on marine boundary-layer measurements of giant sea-salt aerosols from VOCALS

11/26/2012 Steve Arnold

Long-range transport of natural and man-made ozone precursor emissions to the Arctic: perspectives from a multi-model comparison exercise


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