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The page has a list of all of the ACOM seminars that took place in the year 2012. For the full meeting announcement including the abstract, please click on the title.

DateSpeakerTitle & Announcement
3/7/2012 Birgit Hassler
The BDBP a database for various applications
3/12/2012Christine Wiedinmyer
Fire in the Earth System
6/25/2012 Kevin Hamilton
Regional climate change projections for Hawaii - preliminary results
7/9/2012 Christoph Knote

Response of tropospheric aerosols to changes in anthropogenic emissions over Europe during the 1990-2009 period – a regional air quality study with COSMO-ART

7/23/2012Roya BahreiniFrom crude oil vapors to diesel and gasoline engines: Field and laboratory measurements of organic aerosol formation
8/27/2012Bernard Aumont

Modeling SOA formation and aging from the multigenerational oxidation of Intermediate Volatility Organic Compounds 

10/8/2012Jiemjai Kreasuwun

Regional Climate Change for Thailand

Benjamin de Foy

Estimating emission inventories using an inverse model that combines backward trajectories with Eulerian grid simulations

Michael Boy

New insights in SOA formation – from BVOCs to CCNs


Candice Lung

Linking Atmospheric Chemistry Researches with Health Studies

Jorgen Jensen

The Giant Nuclei Impactor (GNI) and first results on marine boundary-layer measurements of giant sea-salt aerosols from VOCALS

Steve Arnold

Long-range transport of natural and man-made ozone precursor emissions to the Arctic: perspectives from a multi-model comparison exercise




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