Research Groups

Short Name Long Name Head
Forecasts Forecasts and Near Real Time (NRT) Products Louisa Emmons
ARIM Atmospheric Radiation Investigations and Measurements Sam Hall
CARI Community Airborne Research Instrumentation Geoff Tyndall
GCM Global Chemistry Modeling Dan Marsh
HIRDLS High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder John Gille
LK Laboratory Kinetics Geoff Tyndall
MOPITT Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere Merritt Deeter
OT Optical Techniques Jim Hannigan
SDA & UTLS Satellite Data Analysis and UTLS Studies Steve Massie

and Laura Pan
UA Ultrafine Aerosols Jim Smith


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Jim Hannigan

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Laura Pan

Louisa Emmons

Pieternel Levelt

Sam Hall