Visiting Scientist Fellowships

A small number of visiting scientist fellowships will be available each year to foster enhanced collaboration between ACOM and their academic counterparts. Applications are reviewed twice a year. Prospective candidates can review ACOM's science objectives in our Annual Scientific Reports.

Applications are accepted year round and considered subject to available funding.

  • Duration is 3-6 months
  • Includes travel costs and per diem


 Applications should:

  • List the proposed ACOM collaborator
  • Be no more than 4 pages in length
  • Contain a description of the area of proposed study
  • Comment on the benefits of the proposed collaboration
  • Provide an abbreviated CV
  • Include two references
  • Describe the funds and facilities required


Email the application to Jo Zoetewey. Questions about this program should be directed to Geoff Tyndall.

Previous Fellows

FY 2005Zang-Ho Shon
FY 2004Paul Konopka, Cynthia Nevison, Teresa Nunes, Daniel Riemer
FY 2003Adele Chuck, Alam Hasson, Evelyn Jaekel,Gouhui Li, Marcy Litvak, Paul Seakins Alison Steiner
FY 2002Barbara Noziere, Jed Sparks




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