Visiting Scientist Fellowships

A small number of visiting scientist fellowships will be available each year to foster enhanced collaboration between ACOM and their academic counterparts. Applications are reviewed twice a year. Prospective candidates can review ACOM's science objectives in our Annual Scientific Reports.

Applications are accepted year round and considered subject to available funding.

  • Duration is 3-6 months
  • Includes travel costs and per diem


 Applications should:

  • List the proposed ACOM collaborator
  • Be no more than 4 pages in length
  • Contain a description of the area of proposed study
  • Comment on the benefits of the proposed collaboration
  • Provide an abbreviated CV
  • Include two references
  • Describe the funds and facilities required


Email the application to Jo Zoetewey. Questions about this program should be directed to Geoff Tyndall.

Previous Fellows

FY 2005 Zang-Ho Shon
FY 2004 Paul Konopka, Cynthia Nevison, Teresa Nunes, Daniel Riemer
FY 2003 Adele Chuck, Alam Hasson, Evelyn Jaekel,Gouhui Li, Marcy Litvak, Paul Seakins Alison Steiner
FY 2002 Barbara Noziere, Jed Sparks