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Finch, D. P. (2017), Impact of boreal biomass burning on North American air quality, University of Edinburgh, 30 November. [online] Available from: .


George, M. (2014), Restitution du monoxyde de carbone observé par satellite dans l’infrarouge : validation et variabilité à l’échelle globale, PhD thesis, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, 7 April. [online] Available from:


Jiang, Z. (2013), Understanding the impact of model errors on the inverse modeling of  MOPITT CO observations, University of Toronto. [online] Available from:


Barré, J. (2012), Assimilation de données satellites au limbe et au nadir dans un modèle de chimie-transport, PhD Thesis, PeerReviewed, INPT, 19 November. [online] Available from:
Hooghiemstra, P. B. (2012), Constraining CO emission estimates using atmospheric observations, info:eu-repo/semantics/doctoralthesis, Utrecht University, 25 June. [online] Available from:


Claeyman, M., J.-L. Attié, V.-H. Peuch, and Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse) (2011), Etude par modélisation et assimilation de données d’un capteur infrarouge géostationnaire pour la qualité de l’air, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse 3, Toulouse.
Herron-Thorpe, F. R. L. A. (2011), Using NASA earth observing satellites with the airpact air quality forecast system, [online] Available from: .
Illingworth, S. M. (2011), The Suitability of the Iasi Instrument for Observing CO from Space, Thesis, University of Leicester, 31 January. [online] Available from: .
Lopes, B. J. (Brian J. L. ) (2011), A ridge restricted maximum likelihood approach to spatial models, Thesis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. [online] Available from:
Monks, S. A. (2011), A model study Of chemistry and transport in the Arctic troposphere, Thesis, NonPeerReviewed, University of Leeds, October. [online] Available from:
Viatte, C. (2011), Measurements of atmospheric trace gases using Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy at Izaña (Tenerife) and using a new observatory (OASIS) at Créteil near Paris (France), phdthesis, Université Paris-Est, 5 May. [online] Available from: .
Viatte, C., J. Orphal, Université Paris-Est (2007-2015), I. et E. (Champs-sur-M. École doctorale Sciences Seine-et-Marne /. 2010-2015), and Laboratoire interuniversitaire des systèmes atmosphériques (Créteil) (2011), Observations de la composition atmosphérique par mesures infrarouges en occultation solaire depuis la station d’izaña (Tenerife) et la nouvelle plateforme Oasis à Créteil.


Kanawade, V. P. (2010), The Sensitivity of The Measurement Of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT) Retrievals of Carbon Monoxide to the Lowermost Troposphere, Thesis, Doctoral, PhD, University of Leicester, 29 July. [online] Available from:
Liu, C. (2010), Evaluating the CO distributions from current atmospheric chemistry models using satellite observations from MOPITT and SCIAMACHY, Ruperto-Carola Univers ity, Heidelberg, Germany. [online] Available from:
MacCallum, S. N. (2010), Tropospheric carbon monoxide: satellite observations and their applications, Thesis or Dissertation, Doctoral, PhD Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Edinburgh, 17 November. [online] Available from:


Kopacz, M. (2009), Carbon monoxide source estimates: Multiple satellite datasets and high resolution adjoint inverse model, Harvard University. [online] Available from:


Alan Manson (2007), Validation of the MOPITT-A instrument through radiative transfer modelling and laboratory calibration, University of Saskatchewan.
Chevalier, A. (2007), Développement du service d’observation PAES : pollution atmosphérique à l’échelle synoptique, bilan de l’ozone dans la troposphère libre, PhD thesis, Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, 24 October. [online] Available from:
Choi, Y. (2007), Spring to summer transitions of ozone and its precursors over North America and photochemistry over Antarctica, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Kiley, C. M. (2006), An examination of summertime transport processes during INTEX-A using meteorological analyses and synthetic MOPITT carbon monoxide retrievals, The Florida State University. [online] Available from:
Klocke, D. (2006), Carbon monoxide total column contents from MOPITT data, Hamburg.
Wiacek, A. (2006), First trace gas measurements using Fourier transform infrared solar absorption spectroscopy at the University of Toronto atmospheric observatory, University of Toronto (Canada.


Arellano. A. F., J. (2005), Global carbon monoxide cycle: Modeling and data analysis, Duke University.
Heald, C. L. (2005), Asian combustion sources and transpacific transport: An integration of satellite and in situ observations.
Hyer, E. J. (2005), Investigating uncertainties in trace gas emissions from boreal forest fires using MOPITT measurements of carbon monoxide and a global chemical transport model, University of Maryland, College Park. [online] Available from:


Jounot, L. (2004), Correlation radiometer measurements of carbon monoxide in Southern Africa during the 2000 dry season, Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Toronto. [online] Available from:
Richards, N. A. D. (2004), Characteristics of tropospheric carbon monoxide profiles retrieved from mopitt measurements, UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER (UNITED KINGDOM). [online] Available from: .


Pétron, G. (2003), Modélisation inverse des émissions du monoxyde de carbone, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.
McKernan, É. (2002), MOPITT Spectral Characterisation and Forward Modelling, Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Toronto. [online] Available from:


Paulin, K. J. (2002), MOPITT airborne test radiometer pressure modulator performance, Thesis DPhil--University of Oxford. [online] Available from: .

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