Model-Independent Chemistry Module (MICM)

MICM LogoThe goal of the MICM project is to have a unique chemistry module that can be implemented in any atmosphere model used at NCAR. MICM connects the Chemistry Café, which contains chemical reaction data, directly to the computer code that solves the chemistry ordinary differential equations and is compliant with the common physics framework (see schematic). Currently MICM is working with the MusicBox stand-alone model.

For additional information, please refer to the MICM documentation.

MICM schematic

Figure 1. MICM Schematic.

MICM Status:

  • Released a prototype MICM to ACOM modelers .
    • Prototype takes chemistry reaction data from database and generates fortran code that is CPF compliant and configures settings to run with atmosphere model.
    • We have been testing it as a box model called MusicBox. The chemistry being tested is a) simple Chapman chemistry (<10 constituents), b) more complex troposphere chemistry (T1 mechanism, Emmons et al., 2020).
  • Prototype Improvements
    • Integrate j-rate parameters in database
    • Begin implementation of an aerosol physics and chemistry model
  • MICM in a 3d transport model
    • MICM-generated code has been run in a non-CCPP CAM-Chem run



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