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Notes on the GECKO-A Output Library

Plotting Notes

  • Unless explicitly mentioned in the plot legend, the precursor is excluded from the analysis.
  • Some species lifetimes are shorter than the minimum time resolution available here.

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The GECKO-A Output Library: Precursor List

C# linear branched cyclic and/or unsaturated
3-9 propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane, octane, nonane isobutane isoprene, benzene, toluene, oct‑1‑ene, 2‑methyl‑oct‑1‑ene
10 decane 2‑methylnonane, 4,5‑dimethyloctane, 3,4,5‑trimethylheptane cyclodecane, α‑pinene, β‑pinene, β‑myrcene, limonene, ocimene, sabinene
12 dodecane 2‑methylundecane, 2,4‑dimethyldecane, 2,4,6‑trimethylnonane, 2,3,4,6‑tetramethyloctane, 2,3,4,5,6‑pentamethylheptane dodec‑1‑ene
14-15 tetradecane 2‑methyltridecane, 3,3‑diethyldecane, 6,7‑dimethyldodecane, 5,6,7‑trimethylundecane butadec‑6‑ene, cyclopentadecane, 2‑methylbutadec‑1‑ene
17-18 heptadecane, octadecane 2‑methylheptadecane, 8,9‑dimethylhexadecane, 3,3‑diethyltetradecane, 7,8,9‑trimethylpentadecane heptadec‑1‑ene, heptadec‑8‑ene
22 docosane 2‑methyluncosane, 10,11‑dimethyleicosane, 3,3‑diethyloctadecane, 9,10,11‑trimethylnonadecane  


Simulation Conditions

Scenario [Nox] molec/cc, pp*
urban 5.0e+11,   200 ppb
polluted continental 5.0e+10,     20 ppb
continental   1.25e+10,     5 ppb
remote continental   6.25e+8,       2.5 ppt
remote   5.0e+8,         2 ppt
All simulations include 
T = 298K   [O3] 1e+12,  40 ppb
SZA = 45°
  [precursor] = 1 pptvC
Simulation length = 10 days
(> 5 x τ-precursor) 


Output Display Options

Single-phase plots ( Gas or Aerosol )

Distributions wrt. time

•Top 10 Species
•Top 10 Elemental Formulae
•Carbon chain length
•Functional groups

Atomic ratios

•Time evolution
•Van Krevelen plots
Multi-phase plots

Time evolutions

•Carbon per phase
•Mass per phase
•SOA yield


•OSc vs Cstar bubble plots
•Molecular Mass Distributions (“Mass Spectra”)
•Vapor Pressure Distributions (“VBS”)
•Henry’s Law Distributions



  • US Department of Energy.


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