May 2017 Agenda

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8:30-9amOverview and Welcome PRESENTATION
9-9:45amOzone in the Front Range: The Policy Perspective PRESENTATIONGordon Pierce
9:45-10amSurface Ozone along an Elevation Gradient in the Northern Colorado Front Range during FRAPPÉ PDF
Detlev Helmig
10-10:15amSummer ozone in the Northern Front Range Metropolitan Area: Weekend-weekday effects, temperature dependences and the impact of drought PDF PRESENTATION
Andrew A. Abeleira
10:15-10:30amThe potential of low cost sensors to inform horizontal and vertical variability during DISCOVER-AQ and FRAPPE PDF PRESENTATION
Morgan Silverman
10:45-12pmPoster Session (posters remain up throughout meeting)
1:15-1:30pmUse of HOx Measurements and an Observation-Constrained Model to Assess the Roles of Emissions from Oil and Gas Exploration and Extraction in Ozone Photochemistry PDF PRESENTATIONChristopher Cantrell
1:30-1:45pmThe Impact of Oil and Natural Gas Activity on Ozone Formation in the Colorado Front Range  PDF PRESENTATION
Rebecca S. Hornbrook
1:45-2pmQuantifying the Connection Between Oil and Gas Emissions and Ozone: Insights from a Multi-Method Approach PDF PRESENTATIONErin E. McDuffie
2-2:15pmImpact of oil and natural gas activities on regional air quality in Northern Front Range (NFR) area PDF PRESENTATION
Maryam Abdi-Oskouei
2:15-2:30pmReactivity and ozone production potential of representative samples from Front Range regions PRESENTATION
Frank Flocke
2:45-3:15pmAirborne and Ground-Based Measurements of Emissions from Oil and Gas Extraction and their Impacts in the Colorado Front Range PRESENTATION
Jessica Gilman (invited)
3:15-3:30pmImpact of different VOC sources on organic nitrates, O3 and the NOy budget at the BAO site PDF PRESENTATION
Delphine K. Farmer
3:30-3:45pmDeveloping Fuel-Based Inventories of Mobile Source and Oil and Gas Emissions for Colorado PRESENTATION
Brian McDonald
3:45-4pmEvaluation of updated 2014 oil and gas emissions using ground-level and aircraft observations from the FRAPPÉ and DISCOVER-AQ campaign PDF PRESENTATIONSojin Lee
4-5pmDiscussions on OG emissions and impacts in the Front Range

8:30-8:45amTwo-dimensional remote sensing of trace gases by the GeoTASO and GCAS airborne instruments during DISCOVER-AQ PDF PRESENTATIONCaroline Nowlan
8:45-9amObservability and frequency of spatial and temporal gradients relevant to geostationary observations of air quality during DISCOVER-AQ PDF PRESENTATION
Melanie. B. Follette-Cook
9-9:15amAnthropogenic Sources of non-OH Oxidants of SO2 PDF PRESENTATIONLee Mauldin
9:15-9:30amNH3 and NOx emissions from CAFO soils, and Structure Functions measured by the CU mobile SOF instrument during FRAPPE and ARISTO16 PDF PRESENTATION
Rainer Volkamer
10:15-10:30amOzone Enhancement and Attribution to Wildfires: A case study in the Northern Colorado Front Range PDF PRESENTATION
Audra McClure-Begley
10:30-10:45amThe impact of aged wildfire smoke on atmospheric composition and ozone in the Colorado Front Range in summer 2015 PDF PRESENTATION
Jakob Lindaas
10:45-11amUsing potential vorticity to specify the effect of stratosphere-troposphere exchange on the vertical distribution of ozone during the FRAPPE 2014 field campaign PDF PRESENTATION
Yu Yan Cui
1:30-1:45pmSurface Observations of Volatile Organic Compounds along an Elevation Gradient in the Northern Colorado Front Range during FRAPPE PDF PRESENTATION
Samuel Rossabi
1:45-2pmOzone and Volatile Organic Compound Distributions in Rocky Mountain National Park during FRAPPÉ: Key Insight into Factors Affecting Park Air Quality PDF PRESENTATION
Barkley Sive
2-2:15pmObservations of reactive nitrogen in Rocky Mountain National Park during the Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Éxperiment PDF PRESENTATION
Katherine B. Benedict
2:15-2:30Using Observations and source specific model tracers to characterize Transport Patterns during FRAPPÉ and DISCOVER-AQ PDF PRESENTATION
Gabriele Pfister
2:30-3:30pmDiscussions and Next Steps (Gaps in current research, open questions, ...)

5-8pmAir Quality Fair at the Mesa Lab (open to the Public) Flyer



FRAPPE/DAQ Science Team Meeting POSTERS
Reprocessed NO2-sonde data combined with aircraft measurements: comparisons with OMI during DISCOVER-AQ PDF POSTER
Deborah Stein Zweers
Ozone vertical profile measurements in the northern Front Range of Colorado in July-August 2014 during FRAPPE and DISCOVER-AQ PDF
Sam Oltmans
GEMS and TEMPO System Integration, Characterization and Calibration Status PDF
Dennis Nicks
Characterization of vertical profiles, diurnal trends, and meteorological variability of formic acid at the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory in summer 2014 PDF POSTER
James Mattila
Characterizing Front Range ozone events during summer 2015 PDF
Jakob Lindaas
Separation of methane emissions from biogenic sources and natural gas based on CH4, C2H6 and NH3 column observations in the Colorado Front Range PDF POSTER
Natalie Kille
Aerosol impacts on photolysis frequencies in the Denver metropolitan area PDF POSTER
Samuel Hall
Using low-cost VOC sensors for ambient methane measurements in rural CO PDF
Ashley Collier
Surface ozone in the Northern Front Range and the influence of oil and gas development on ozone production during FRAPPE/DISCOVER-AQ PDF POSTER
Lucy C. Cheadle
Sources and Characteristics of Summertime Organic Aerosols in the Colorado Front Range: Perspectives from Measurements and WRF-Chem Modeling PDF POSTER
Roya Bahreini
Relating Pandora & OMI column-density observations to surface mixing ratio: Analysis of NO2 and O3 measurements during DISCOVER-AQ Colorado PDF (canceled)
Debra E Kollonige
Intercomparison of aerosol aerosol volume size distributions derived from AERONET surface radiometers and LARGE in-situ aircraft profiles during four DISCOVER-AQ experiments PDF
Joel S. Schafer
Interpreting Vertical Profiles of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) in an Urban Agricultural Region  PDF (withdrawn)
Solianna Herrara




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