John Gille Symposium

Date: 21 November 2014

John Gille

NESL/ACD will be honoring John’s 42 year career at NCAR with a day of short presentations by colleagues followed by a reception. Both will be held in the Main Auditorium at NCAR’s Foothills Laboratory 2 in Boulder, CO.

John's research activities/specialties have included:

  • Remote sounding of the  atmosphere
  • Middle atmosphere dynamics, chemistry, transport and  radiation
  • Tropospheric chemistry
  • PI for LRIR/LIMS on NIMBUS-6,7
  • Upper atmosphere research satellite (UARS) and retrieval of CLAES data
  • PI for Terra/MOPITT
  • PI for Aura/HIRDLS

Invited speakers:

  • Clive Rodgers
  • Reinhard Beer
  • Masato Shiotani
  • Jim Drummond
  • Anne Douglass
  • Guy Brasseur
  • Mike Coffey
  • Steve Massie
  • David Edwards
  • Pieternel Levelt
  • Michael King
  • Cathy Clerbaux


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