Structural Analysis Description

The ACOM engineering support group provides structural analysis for airborne, laboratory, and ground based hardware and instruments.  For airborne instruments and hardware, we create a document showing component description, component weights (including overturning moment or specific analyses for rack based equipment), and stress analysis of fabricated components and mounting hardware.  In addition, we can perform pressure system analysis and develop test procedures for pressurized systems to meet aircraft certification requirements. 

For most research aircraft, our analysis is based on airworthiness standards described in the Federal Aviation Regulations that govern transport category aircraft (FAR Part 25), although other aircraft such as UAV systems and foreign aircraft may require different or additional analyses. Our analysis is submitted to the NCAR FAA designated engineering representative for inclusion in the final documentation package that is created for FAA certification of the research instrument installation.

For laboratory or ground based hardware and instruments, the engineering support group will perform structural analyses to insure user safety and proper operation.  For example, mobile applications may require analysis of particular vibration and shock loads experienced during travel, while laboratory instruments are typically designed to meet basic structural loading requirements.



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