Optical Techniques Ground Based Solar Tracker

A new ground based solar tracker design was needed to replace the existing solar tracker at the Thule Air Base meaurement site in Greenland.  The Engineering Support Group worked with DFS staff to develop a new tracker system with an enclosure that allows full zenith solar tracking, while still meeting the difficult environmental conditions experienced at Thule Air Base.  We researched various design options for feasibility, participated in design reviews to determine the best design, and selected a sliding open/close enclosure method.  We designed all mechanical parts, electrical systems, and thermal control components related to the solar tracker enclosure, and worked with John Herwig (DFS) to integrate the upper enclosure with his design for the tracker base and optical components.  The solar tracker was shipped to Greenland in early April 2015 for final assembly and integration and has been collecting data since installation.


Model of Solar Tracker

ACOM Optical Techniques Ground Based Solar Tracker


Tracker at TAB

Ground Based Solar Tracker, Installed at Thule Air Base


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