HIAPER GV Wing Mounted Pod Time of Flight Spectrometer

Using the results from the 2017 ARISTO GV pod test, the Engineering Support group is working with Frank Flocke (ACOM) to develop a design for a TOFWerk CIMS time of flight instrument to be mounted in the GV wing mounted pod.  A conceptual three part inlet design has been created that will allow low airspeed inlet sampling at the inlet to the CIMS.  Also, conceptual designs for a thermal management system, quick change cylinder assembly, data acquisition and control enclosures, and vacuum pump installations have been created.  The Engineering Support group worked with ACOM scientific staff to develop a proposal for funding for the CIMS mounted pod, and this project has been funded.  Brett Palm will be leading the scientific overview and development of this installation, and will work with the Engineering Support group to complete the CIMS mounted pod installation.  Design for this installation is currently occurring and will take roughly 5 years for completion.


HIAPER GV Wing Mounted Pod



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